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One Black Box to Break all iPhones

The TouchID fingerprint screen lock is considered to be one of the most secure ways to protect your iPhone. But there are darker forces always at work. There is a “box”, a little black box that allows anyone to unlock your iPhone.

The IP-BOX works by repetitively guessing your password to break into your device. But Apple has designed its flagship phone to protect itself against bruteforce intrusions.

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The device will automatically delete the contents after 10 failed attempts and can also limit the number of password guesses allowed. This box can still break your passcode.

All iPhones

How does it do so? It will connect directly to your iPhone’s hardware. It works by disconnecting the battery supply to the device whenever a wrong passcode is reported. So the phone will be off by the time it realises that an attack is underway. Thus, the defensive mechanism will never come into play.

The IP-BOX will also connect to the screen using a light sensor. If the password is correct, the box will detect the illumination in the iPhone’s screen. The box’s screen will keep displaying the passcodes it has attempted. The IP-BOX is reportedly available online for a couple hundred dollars, and anyone can have access to it.

So how to protect your iPhone and valuable data against this bruteforce attack. The IP-BOX can only break passcodes of up to 4 digits, not more. So you can expand your passcode field and create a complicated password including alphabetical characters.

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Updating to iPhone iOS v8.1.1 can also help thwart attacks using this box. This black box requires a special adaptor chip to connect to your iPhone. If you are serious about protecting your iPhone against this notorious device, it is recommended to either update the iOS version or expand your password to include multiple characters.