PC Cleaner Tool

How often should you use a PC Cleaner

The PC cleaner is imperative to PC health. Your PC keeps accumulating unwanted items and registry clutter with usage. The junk files present in your PC can slow down the performance of the system as well as give rise to wasteful processing. Your PC becomes clogged with unnecessary data which occupies the hard drive space dragging down the performance of your applications. If not regularly cleaned, the registry becomes corrupted due to viruses and other issues. All these drastically slow down the performance of your PC and drain its speed.

PC Cleaner Tool

PC Cleaner Tool

A good PC cleaner is therefore important to do the clean up job. PC clean up is one of the most important part of computer maintenance. PC Cleaner removes junk files from your system and frees space which will increase performance of your PC. Windows program create temporary files for some purpose. Unfortunately these files are not deleted after usage. They remain in the memory occupying space. In the actual scenario, the temporary files should be automatically deleted when program close. However poorly written applications, improper PC shutdown leaves behind the temporary files in your PC. The PC cleaner identifies these temporary files and deletes them from your system thereby freeing space which can be used to store valuable data.

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The long pending temporary files, obsolete items, junk files, cookies, browsing history not only slows down your PC but also creates issues in PC start up. The user can face problems like delayed start up and slowness in applications. Most of the Free PC cleaner removes these files and significantly increases your PC performance and stability. Also it optimizes your system settings at once so that your system will perform at maximum capacity. Therefore installing a PC cleaner in your PC is a blessing for your PC and one can enjoy hassle-free running of the computer.

PC CleanerPC cleaner is a pack of high quality tools which cleans your PC. All the tools which are needed to run your PC like a new one is bundled in PC cleaner. PC cleaner scans hundreds and thousands of files in your registry and accurately identifies various problem spots. Junk files present in PC cause the computer to undergo wasteful processing.

PC cleaner is one of the important tools for computer maintenance. The more the free space available in your PC the faster your PC will run. PC cleaners prevent serious performance issues like slowdowns, crashes etc.

With the passage of time, the registry database is cluttered with various errors and improper settings which lead to crashes. PC cleaner clears this clutter and makes your PC more stable. While browsing, cookies and browsing history stay on your PC which can degrade performance and leak confidentiality. PC cleaner erases your browser search history and cookies thereby ensuring confidentiality and anonymity.

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There are many programs which keep running in the background once the PC is started without our notice. PC cleaner has the option to disable these programs on your PC ensuring a smooth start up of your PC and an increased performance. PC’s are powerful and so should be the PC cleaners. The best PC cleaner scans every inch of your PC. Also it keeps a back up of existing files before deleting them. It asks for user permission prior to deletion. It ensures that wrong files are never erased.

PC cleaners have been found suspicious of virus. The PC cleaner software pops up with a warning that says that the program has hardware problem. However it does not provide the users with more information on the same. PC cleaner does not let you change anything in the program. It does not intimate the user about how it scans the computer and what it scans for. It is very generic and there is a scan button which starts the scanning process.

The Windows registry is a database that stores virtually everything on the Windows PC from windows settings to application settings. The application settings store text based configuration files with a separate file for every application. The Windows registry provides a single place for all settings across all applications. In addition to consolidating system settings, storing the settings in a single place helps in accessing the values in the registry much faster.

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It is not essential to run PC cleaner every day as it will not be of any help. You can perform the cleaning activity once in a week or twice in a month which will keep your PC up and going. The important question arises that when we should run the PC Cleaner program. Below are few cases when it needs to be run:-

  • When you see that the PC keeps hanging while using.
  • You install or install many programs in a week.
  • The performance of the system is slow.
  • Unnecessary programs needs to be cleared which run while starting the PC.