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How not to get Bored of SEO?

1) Have a diverse portfolio of clients.

If we would live in ideal world, I would say: ‘Make sure you work only with interesting clients or established brands with high budget’ , but this is not an ideal world, sometimes we just get boring clients. ‘Boring’ clients also need SEO, and people actually do need ‘boring’ businesses, end of story.

However you should always make sure that you don’t work only with boring clients, you should have at least one or two projects which you actually really enjoy working on, where budget is quite flexible and you don’t have to worry about it. It is very important, as it will make you enjoy your work better.

If you keep working on boring clients, with no budget, within an industry you don’t know a thing about, you will get to the point where there is nothing interesting you can do,and you’ll eventually start having doubts in your skills.

2) Keep learning

We all know that Digital Marketing is a never ending learning process. It is one of the fastest changing industries. One of my friends used to say that the most important reason why learning about SEO from books wouldn’t work is that, by the time the book would be printed, the SEO techniques would change. Non-seo people probably would ask this question by now; ‘How it can ever get boring if it changes so often?’

Well it can, and one of the reasons why it can, is because we sometimes do stay behind. Remember the times when you’ve started your SEO career ? You probably have been so excited and kept learning and reading new things. I remember when that Friday, without watching  ‘Whiteboard Friday’ from Moz, just didn’t feel complete. While you getting experience, and getting more clients at the same time, you tend to spend more time on actual work than learning and wondering around the web looking for new, cool SEO stuff. The point is, you should not do that. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying you shouldn’t develop your business and keep getting clients, but you should always find time to learn. Especially in this kind of industry, where it is very easy to stay behind. You will come across new things all the time, and you won’t be bored. If learning about new things in SEO is not enough for you, try learning about related fields, like ASO. App store optimisation is relatively new, but very interesting field. There is many great resources available which will help you get deeper knowledge on this subject, like for example this one on ASO tools.  It will also help you get new potential clients, remember it always look very good and very professional when you have up to date information about your industry.

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3) Set up ‘working hours’

This rule applies to every single industry, but the truth is it will be harder to execute it in some than others. Let’s say a jewelry maker won’t be taking rings from workshop to finish them at home, with SEO’s is not so simple. Especially if you are a freelancer. I am talking from experience here. Back in the day, it didn’t matter for me if it is a Sunday family dinner or if I am at the gym, if I got an email, I had to read it and reply to it straight away. I kept working while watching TV, and even if at the beginning it seemed fun, I usually ended up spending all day in front of both TV and my computer, having nothing done by the end of the day, simply because I wasn’t focused.  This way you can easily get bored, as after a while you will feel overwhelmed and stressed. You will also feel that you don’t have real time for yourself. Keep things there were they belong, SEO in the office, gym at the gym and Sunday family dinner at home without your smartphone.

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4) Attend SEO conferences

I know I have already mentioned learning. But conferences are not only about that.There is many more reasons why you should be attending SEO conferences. First of all, SEO conferences are fun. Yes, you have read it right. You will get paid for having fun. Second of all, you will definitely meet new, interesting people, what is important for your work of course, in this industry it is very important to keep relationships within the industry, but you can also meet some great friends along the way.

Third of all, SEO conferences often happen in very cool places. I mean it. Think about BrightonSEO at the seaside or or SEO on the beach in Spain, not even talking about SEO Oktoberfest in Germany, which is sadly, coming to an end because the last one will take place in 2017, but there is still a chance to go. Believe me, it’s worth it.

  1. Hey Nisha and Izzy,

    There are many aspects of a website to look upon. When we talk about an SEO then people freak out. They should endorse their writing skills. Some people get bored due to their regular routine.

    People should try to learn more and more to grow their business and knowledge. There are many interesting facts about blogging.
    Great post.
    Hope you both are having fun.

  2. Nisha Pandey

    Hi Ravi
    You are very true on the fact that we always have to keep learning new things to improve our business and knowledge.
    And doing new things keeps your interest in your profession alive. Thanks for posting your feedback.
    It is much appreciated. Have a great day ahead.