Ninja Blaster – Simple, Affordable and Highly Effective Online Marketing Solution

The online marketing scenario is too vast and complicated today. I know about the benefits of SEO and social media marketing.

I had hired a couple of professionals to run my campaigns and I found that the ROI was not something that could be considered reasonable.

After searching for a comprehensive online marketing solution, I came across Ninja Blaster.

They promoted themselves as the “best marketing software” but I had my reservations and didn’t want to believe them until I had not tested this program.

I opted for the monthly payment plan, and at just under $10 per month it was nothing compared to what I was spending on two employees (whom I had already fired!).

So what does this software does that has kept me sticking to it for more than 5 months?

I will share the benefits in a categorical fashion – based on each platform it has helped me target.

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Ninja Blaster

Facebook Groups Marketing

This software allows me to select the groups that I want to post to. It allows selection of images and the difference between each post.

Once the selections are made, the posts can be set on autopilot.

The Ninja also makes it easy to join new groups on Facebook.

All that I have to do is select the number of groups to join, and it will conduct a keyword-based search for groups and perform single-click joining for my business.

This has helped me save tons of time and improved my business’ bottom-line.

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SEO Benefits

After I fired my SEO specialist, I found it quite confusing to run my SEO campaign myself. But Ninja Blaster worked as a great solutions provider to me.

Now I rely entirely on my new keywords helper. It conducts all the keyword research for me, import keywords, suggests the best ones for my business, and performs 5-level deep search.

Longtail keywords are difficult to research, but Ninja helps me manage that as well.

Most importantly, it has helped put my websites on 5 leading search engines, with Google and Bing being my main targets.

Once all of this goes on autopilot, I don’t have anything else to fear. And I would like to tell you that my rankings have never been better.

I don’t have to worry that Google or other websites will detect that I am using a software to promote my brand and websites.

Ninja is entirely undetectable. Another benefit of using this program is that it is always getting updated.

This helps me remain updated with the latest algorithm updates on Facebook or Google.

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No Limits

There’s no limit to the number of Facebook accounts that I could use on this platform.

It has provided me massive boost in traffic, and I am now thinking of ways to move expand onto other platforms like Twitter.

It also has other features including Gmail sender and Craigslist email scraper. It can import and save emails and make things easier for me.

The Plans

Ninja Blaster offers around 3 plans. I chose the Option 1 because it was the most economical one for me.

Option 1 – This offer is available with a monthly payment structure.

I started with this one and currently I am thinking of upgrading. It gives me a 30-day license for just $9.95.

Option 2 – This is the plan I am thinking of upgrading to. It costs $59 and offers a license of 1 year.

Now that I have tested the service for 5 months, I think it’s time to subscribe for this annual plan and save 50% on what I am currently spending.

I am happy that I will not have to go back to the old setup, working with the SEO and social media professionals.

I was spending tens of thousands annually and not getting the desired results.

Option 3 – This is a premium plan that still costs less than what I am currently spending. At a price of $97, it allows users to use the program without any monthly or annual limitations. I am also considering this point because I am not sure if I will be using it yet.

Each plan comes with a license code. This third option claims to provide comprehensive access to all the features and benefits of this powerful tool.

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My Concerns

Before I signed up for Option 1 with Ninja, I was speculative as to whether Facebook, Google or Bing could ban my account.

The last thing that an online business owner wants is to have his account banned by any of these major sites.

I contacted the customer support and fired a flurry of questions at them.

They told me that the software will simulate human-like surfing action.

It will be impossible for Google or Facebook to detect that it is a program working in the background.

They told me that the only way I could get banned is when other users flag my content.

But as long as my content complied with the sites’ conditions, I didn’t have to worry.

Since then I have never faced any issues with any search engine or social media site.

After 5 months of using it, I am happy that I came across this program.

I will recommend Ninja Blaster to everyone here. But I will keep it as a secret among my colleagues and business associates!

I feel a little jealous to share its benefits with everyone.

Another reason I liked the Ninja was because it doesn’t require any app installation.

It’s just a single download on my system and the user interface gives me total control over my campaign.

I don’t think online marketing can be as easy as what this software makes it to be.

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Now that I have used this program for a few months, I know why they call it the best marketing software out there.

If it can be so useful for someone like me who doesn’t have any deep technical knowledge, I can only guess how powerful and effective it can be for someone with more technical know-how.