New Update for Twitter Mobile Users

New Update for Twitter Mobile Users Explaining Hashtags

The trending topics on Twitter can something become so big that they take the form of national movements. It doesn’t matter whether the topic is of much importance or not.

At times things can be confusing when it comes to certain trending hashtags. Some can be too complex for the simpletons, while others could be trending without any apparent base. But that was only until a month ago because Twitter has pulled up things.

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New Update for Twitter Mobile Users

The social site has released updates for its mobile app which will now explain the meaning of the trending topics.

So if you come across a strange looking hashtag that has been trending and don’t know what it means, you could get an answer from Twitter. But this means that the Discovery option is going to take the backseat.

Twitter announced this new change and update in its blog. It acknowledge that users were finding it difficult to learn what some of the trending hashtags meant.

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So it will now be displaying a description against all the trends. The company elaborated with an example. Trends like #NYFL or others with alphabets could mean anything. But the new descriptions will make it easier for users to learn about these hashtags.

Interestingly, users will also be able to gain additional information. This can include the number of tweets associated with a trend and whether it is moving up or down.

Users will have to update their Twitter app to be able to experience this change. It will also be required to switch on the “tailored trends” option, which usually comes on by default.

However, this new update is available only for Android and iOS users. Web-based Twitter users will have to wait some time. Until then you could search on Google to find out what those strange looking hashtags means.