New Gmail Extension

New Gmail Extension Warns you about Tracked Emails

Email tracking is a strategy used by online marketers across the world to measure the success of their marketing campaigns. What you do with your emails shouldn’t be the concern of third-party companies?

In fact, what you do in your inbox shouldn’t be accessible to anyone. Ugly Email, a new extension for the Chrome browser, helps you prevent these marketing companies from tracking the emails.

New Gmail Extension

Ugly Email works by informing you in advance if an email is being tracked even before you open it. Marketing companies are constantly tracking, not only whether you open their emails or not, but also what you do with their email. Many users see this as nothing less than invasion of privacy.

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As long as HTML remains enabled in your email client, online marketers will be able to track what you do with their emails. You cannot disable HTML from your web browser.

The unique thing about the system is that without an app like Ugly Email it is not possible for a user to know when whether an email is being tracked or not.

Ugly Email has been designed and developed to address this specific issue. It is offered as a Chrome plug-in and can be directly added to the browser.

So when you check your emails in your Gmail inbox, you will see a unique icon similar to an eye just next to the emails which are being tracked by their senders.

So you should deicide whether you want to open that email and let the senders know that you did so or not.

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You could instantly delete the email. Interestingly, the tracking codes can also allow the senders to receive report that you have deleted their email – in most cases.

You cannot enjoy total protection from these marketing companies, but Ugly Email still does a lot to keep you off these promotional emails.


  2. Nisha Pandey

    Yes Praveen its true! There is such an app that is tracking users’ Android devices! 🙂
    Google has acknowledged and explained it!