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My Pick on Top 20 Best Premium WordPress Plugins for 2015

It’s been over a decade since WordPress burst upon the website scene and its popularity has not waned even a little bit.

On the contrary, I’ve seen more and more bloggers and website owners preferring it over the rest. The main reason for this is the versatility it offers that is matchless.

The endless numbers of themes and plugins present attest to the popular reach WordPress has. From optimization for search engines to improving the site in each and every aspect of its functioning, the WordPress plugins are of great help.

I’ve chosen 20 best premium WordPress plugins from the numerous lists of plugins that have been making waves in 2014.


1. Visual Composer

This plugin is excellent for page building. Its highlights include drag and drop interface, more than 40 content elements, mobile ready feature, easy skin builder, easy extendibility, complete support, and editors for front end and backend.

Setting up customer support portal or a platform for event registration can be done in easy and quick steps.

Visual Composer plugin

Other unique features include

  • Multi page forms
  • Special fields like smiley rating, star rating, etc.
  • Conditional logic
  • SSL security
  • Customized email notifications
  • Auto responders with data fully customized
  • Language translations

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2. Slider Revolution Responsive

This is a favorite plugin I love to use. It is easy, fast, and has an extensive image library from which you can pick the image you want, set captions, and add links and SEO fields easily. There are four slideshow types to choose from. Short code or template method can be used to embed the slides.


Important features include

  • Unrestricted support
  • Responsive and SEO friendly slideshows
  • Easy to use interface
  • Completely localized with intelligent image editing
  • Numerous options for configuring


3. Easy Pricing Tables

I’ve found this plugin of great help in setting up pricing tables with its step by step guide and conversion rate optimizations methods. Compatible with any theme in WordPress, this plugin can be published on any part of your site by using short code.

Easy Pricing Tables

It has exclusive features which include

  • Responsive design
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Unlimited rows and columns up to 10
  • Design customization and many more


4. Userpro

This plugin provides a wonderful user experience. The features I like most in this plugin are enhanced profiles, seamless short code use, and beautiful front end page use. Hiding the WordPress backend and registration page from users who are logged in is also possible. There are many more features that give a definite boost to user engagement.

UserPro Plugin

Main features in this plugin are

  • Customized frontend, registration and login
  • Facebook signups
  • Drag and drop dashboard
  • Wonderful profiles
  • Unlimited photo uploads and bountiful features in member directory
  • Woocommerce and mailchimp integration and many other wonderful features


5. Woocommerce Pdf Invoice

If you are finding it difficult to manage the invoices on your site, I’d recommend this plugin. It does all the major work on your blog or site, leaving you free to look into the vital parts of your online business.

Woocommerce Pdf Invoice

Its highlights include

  • Automatic PDF invoice generation
  • Option of email or download of invoices
  • Customization of invoices
  • Automatic tax calculation
  • Including payment and order details and other key aspects easily
  • Translation facility



6. Ubermenu plugin

I like this plugin because of its fluid and magnificent responsive design. With constant updates that this plugin offers, you need not worry about compatibility problems.


The special features include

  • Lightweight plugin that works at super speed
  • Seamless integration with all WordPress themes
  • Horizontal and vertical menus
  • Different styles to pick from
  • Compatible with iPhone and iPad
  • Has numerous widgets, and skin and icon extensions
  • Full support


7. Awesome gallery

I find the administration interface very easy to use. You need not have any technical expertise to upload the images. There are three layout modes namely horizontal flow, classic grid, and vertical flow. You also get 7 image sources, 10 style presets, and custom styling support.

Awesome gallery

Other features include

  • Built in light box
  • Responsive as well as retina ready
  • Built-in support


8. WordPress Live chat plugin

This sales and support plugin specializes in providing great support for your customers and allows you make profit by closing deals for you. The reason I like this plugin is because it forms the best link between the customers and the website owner. Increasing conversions is done smoothly and quickly with its easy interface.

WordPress Live chat plugin

Important features include

  1. Creation of several operators
  2. Customizable skins
  3. Open source plugin
  4. Multi language support


9. Ninja Popups

This plugin gives you a fully professional popup, which also serves as a call to action page that encourages visitors to subscribe to your newsletter, offers coupons or discounts for customers who are leaving the site or locking the content till subscription is made.

Ninja Popups

Important features of this plugin are:

  • Opt in locker
  • Several ready presets
  • Social locker
  • Mobile friendly
  • Quick support
  • Easy setup


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10. Foobar plugin

This notification plugin lets you add a customizable bar on the top part of your site or blog. I’ve found it a breeze to work with in RSS feeds, Tweets, social profiles, and any other feature you want to add to your blog or website.

Increasing sales, improved newsletter signups, and more followers on your social media pages is easily done with this plugin. It has more than 30 options to work with. All foo bars are unlimited, different in design, and re-brandable.

Footbar plugin


  • Has unlimited number of foo bars and different foo bars for a single page
  • Social profiles
  • Total customization option
  • Can include any short code or html in customized form
  • Shows the most recent Tweets
  • Integrated RSS feeds
  • Demos of inline administration

11. Fanciest Author Box

This is a great plugin that gets you the recognition you crave for. I’ve found this plugin responsive and very customizable. On top of it, it is also translation ready. A unique and spectacular author box can be created with this plugin easily.



  • Automatic addition
  • Retina ready
  • Supports Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Google + author box set up
  • Lazy load feature for boosting page speed


12. User’s Ultra plugin

This is a perfect plugin for creation of advanced type of user communities. It creates entire communities in just few minutes time. I’ve found this very useful in building social communities, talents community, and model agency websites. Any kind of user related websites can be created in a jiffy with this plugin. It can also easily integrate to any WordPress theme you have. Adding fields is done efficiently with the fields’ customizer tool.


User’s Ultra plugin

You can include any number of fields you want. You will be able to allow users to sign up and login through the accounts they have in social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Google, Yahoo or LinkedIn.

13. Hide My WP

This plugin has been created to help with increasing the security of your site and also lets you create beautiful looking permalinks and urls. Equipped to protect your site from all types of massive hacker attacks, this plugin supports Multi-site and Nginx themes. The best part I like about this plugin is it works with all other security related plugins on your WordPress site easily without altering the database structure.

Hide My WP

Other features include

  • Remove WordPress meta information from feeds and header
  • Custom 404 page
  • Change default WordPress email sender
  • Delete unwanted menu classes and body classes
  • Compress the html output and delete comments in source code
  • Replace any words present in html output file

14. Custom Backgrounds plugin

This plugin helps you come up with exclusive and innovative custom backgrounds on the posts, front pages, categories lists, and other pages of your site.

Custom Backgrounds plugin

Other features I like in this plugin are

  • Scheduling, stretching and transition time setting of background
  • Clickable backgrounds
  • Numerous effects
  • Easy to use interface
  • Automatic updates and time zone detection

15. Verde plugin

This is a coming soon plugin for WordPress that is completely responsive. This is an excellent plugin to spruce up interest in visitors long before you launch your site. Intriguing and appealing designs can be created with this plugin.

Verde plugin

The unique features present include

  • Intuitive dashboard
  • Easy to use bootstrap platform
  • Retina ready
  • Video support for YouTube

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16. Image Elevator

This plugin lets you save your precious time by making it easy to add images to your post. If you are looking for an easy and quicker way to add screenshots, I’d suggest using this plugin. You can just copy and paste the images you want, rename or compress them easily with this plugin.

Image Elevator

Image Elevator


Features include

  • Rename and convert images on the fly
  • Can be used in HTML and visual mode
  • Supports numerous formats and programs
  • Saves images you want in the media library


17. Handheld Plugin

I like this plugin because of its compatibility with all types of themes. Once you install this plugin, it will function along with the default theme you have and be visible only to your mobile visitors.

HandHeld Plugin

Features include

  • Easy management of the features from the dashboard
  • Optimized for mobile use
  • Reduced loading time
  • Unlimited color options


18. Social box plugin

This is a premium plugin for WordPress that shows the subscriber count you have on the four major social networks namely Twitter, Facebook, Feed Burner, and YouTube. You can also have links for subscribing to each of the network present. Put together in a clear and precise manner, this plugin has caching present to count the subscribers present in each network. It uses very little resources and I’d recommend this for those in search of a fresh looking social widget.

Social box plugin


  • Displays likes, talking about and check in on Facebook, Twitter followers, YouTube, Vimeo and Pinterest subscribers, Instagram posts and Pinterest, Forrst, GitHub and Dribble followers
  • MailChimp list subscribers
  • Select from the various styles present
  • Reduced load time and API calls by means of regular updates
  • Automatic update notification
  • Localization ready
  • Full support


19. MyMail plugin

This is an email newsletter plugin that provides professional looking newsletters. I think this is the best in the email newsletter plugin genre. Easy to use interface and high level of adjustability makes it easy to work with. It does not monopolize your server, as it operates solely on the servers of MyMail. You can open, click links, and find out who has unsubscribed right from your dashboard with this plugin.

MyMail plugin

Features include

  • Auto responders
  • Widgets
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Gmail support
  • Social media sharing options
  • SMTP support


20. Fullwidth Audio Player

Music on your site will give it a refreshing look and visitors will tend to stay for longer periods on it.

Fullwidth Audio Player

I’ve found the interface highly powerful with unique features like

  • Keyboard navigation
  • Intuitive Sound cloud player
  • Multiple color variations
  • Social sharing
  • Maximize and minimize button
  • Compatibility with iPad, iPhone and Android and all major browsers



When you have the right plugins installed in your WordPress site, you can manage your blog easily and I’ve found that it also boosts the functionality of the blog to a great extent. Appropriate plugins will add value to your site and increase its success rate. The 20 plugins I’ve listed above cater to different aspects of your blog or site setup. Use them wisely and you’ll see your blog’s popularity soar rapidly.

  1. Hello Nisha,
    I am using some of the plugins from the list above. But I would like to know which plugin will be best for speeding up wordpress?

  2. Hello Nisha,
    I am back again. Nisha these plugins are very useful. I am using 2 plugins from the list above. Truly speaking plugins are the power of blogs. Without plugins our blog will not work. According to me without best plugins our blog is nothing. And yes Nisha I will research on remain 18 plugins.
    By the way, thanks from the heart.
    Thanks for sharing
    Monu Kumar

  3. Hello Nisha,

    These are some great plugins. I am currently using slider revolution responsive and I just love it. It is so powerful. Plugins can truly enhance our blogs but at the same time we have to be careful because too many plugins of course can slow down our blog load times as well.

    I love your list. Some of these I have not heard of and they seem very powerful tools. I am definitely bookmarking this one. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Nisha

    I love the plugins that you have listed as they do have great features. I have never used any of them. Some I have heard of while there are others that I have just knowing from your post. I will check them out.

    Thanks for the info. Have a wonderful week.

  5. Abrar Mohi Shafee

    Hi Nisha,

    Nice list of premium plugins. You’re right. Many people consider it as best than any other platforms. Even I’m too because of its flexibility. What we can do in wordpress very much easily would take more efforts. That’s why everyone has become a fan of it.

    I can see all the plugins are from CodeCanyon. Where I bought too plugins named Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress and Easy Social Locker, which are great for social media marketing.

  6. Hi Nisha

    Looks like a big list of plugins – some I’ve heard of and others that I haven’t come across.

    I guess the caution is that you should not have too many plugins on your site because it can cause performance problems or conflicts.

    Have you tried Thrive Content Builder? Its a great tool for creating content in your posts/pages, like tables, columns, images, tabs, etc. Also a great landing page tool.

    – David

  7. Hi Nisha a wonderful list of useful plugins. I have Ninja plugin though I don’t use it due to lack of time to configure it. I would like to use the gallery plugin above and the foobar plugin. HAve you used it personally or in any of your client site because I would love to know the feedback then.
    Thank you

  8. Hi Nisha

    It is more than simply a list of 20 best premium WordPress plugins. It is a complete guide how to take your blog to the professional level in 2015.

    I while doing future planning of my blog most of the time get confused if there is any plugin to implement my any specific idea to serve my blog community more. This list will be a great help for me to use from it the plugins which I need in future. That is why I manually bookmarked it by saving its url in my resource file apart from simply bookmarking it.

    A few of these plugins are more than awesome. Price list plugin is badly required by those who wants to make their sales page highly professional and if they have several types of one product they must need it.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this very useful list.

  9. Hi Nisha,

    Wonderful list of plugins for the coming year 🙂

    I have heard of just a few of these, and they have some really nice features too. However, I have never used any of them myself. Most of them I still need to check out, which I will after commenting here, though I also know having few plugins is the key, so I wonder if I can ever add more to my list!

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a wonderful week ahead 🙂

  10. Hi Nisha,

    I have got to say this is probably one of the best ‘best’ list that I have seen. All of these plugins are so powerful and loaded with features awesome features. They certainly do make life on WordPress much more easier to the professionals.

    These plugins are real time and effort savers. Definitely bookmarking this for future reference.


  11. Hi Nisha,
    It’s a wondrful list you’ve picked out here, over the years, wordpress has been on the conquering side, rightly as you said, a lot of plugins have been created, all in essence to make wordpress more interesting.

    I moved to wordpress about a month ago, and trust me, it’s been interesting all this while, you’ve just shared some plugins that will add spice to my blog.

    Thanks for sharing, and enjoy yourself.
    Merry Xmas 🙂

  12. Handy list for the WordPress bloggers Nisha.

    Truly speaking, I’m not any of these premium plugins for my blog, but I wish to have Userpro to get wonderful user experience as you specified. Thanks for presenting this awesome list, keep listing the WordPress stuff 🙂

  13. Hey Nisha, great list of plugins and I particularly like the look of the Hide My WP plugin, especially with all the malware that’s floating about now.

    And, on that note one plugin which I’d add is “Anti-Malware and Brute-Force Security by ELI” which seems to be very good at removing a lot of the malware that is impacting sites these days.. I’ve used it a few times and it has done a great job at cleaning WordPress sites..

  14. Hello Nisha,,

    It is great post indeed!
    All these Plugin are totally new for me. I am using lots of plugin but all these new. I hope these plugin will be helpful for me.
    Thanks for sharing

    Areesha Noor!

  15. WOW! All the plug-ins for WordPress are really awesome.and I am going to implement them on my site which is made in WordPress. I was looking such plug-ins and finally found this post on Google which is very informative and useful. Thanks for sharing such a nice post.

  16. Hmmmm Nisha,

    This is a gallery of awesome tools you have listed here, i have not heard about some of them before. I love plugins or widgets a lot, they make the work easy and enjoying for you; i call them blogging ROBOTS.

  17. Hi Nisha ma’am,

    Thanks for sharing these awesome plugins.
    I am going to start a wordpress word in 2015 so I would surely choose some of the plugins from the list.
    Bookmarking it.
    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  18. I have use Visual Compose and Slider Revolution and it’s very good plugins at all. But I have never try Hide My WordPress before, does it good and not harm to any file of WordPress when active and config it ?

  19. Thanks for sharing..! 🙂 This is really nice article about useful plugin. Well, I am interesting optin plugin which Ninja pop up. It sound like the amazing plugin for build mailing list. You know..? I am currently using easy WordPress but the form did not made me satisfy that.

  20. The seventh plugin is very nice and the 16 plugin is what I am searching for previously . . . . .These article helps many wordpress web designers . . . thanks for this informative article. . .

  21. Peter

    Thanks for your article!

    I’m using plugin “WP Optimize By xTraffic” to optimize my site. This also good plugin you should try for your WordPress site 🙂

  22. Hello;

    Thanks for this list, i have used some of this plugins and they are great i must say

  23. Great list Nisha and all the plugins in list are really useful.

    I like to suggest another free and Utility WordPress Plugin “WP Show Stats”

    It is not related to visitors or traffic analysis but having rich features of how the WordPress elements used and how your content organized.

    It provides various statics about usage of blog posts, categories, tags, users, comments, custom post types, etc.. It can be very useful to keep an eye on WordPress site content.

  24. Hello Nisha, Thanks for your great list. To be honest, I don’t know most of them before reading your this article. And you know that i am not first time on your Blog. Thanks again for share the best wordpress Plugins. Specially Ninja Popups, This one i liked most.


  25. Hey Nisha ,
    Thanks for putting this together – epic list!

    Awesome gallery looks great, going to check it out 🙂

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