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Mozilla Announces Privileges for HTTPS Sites: New Update

Internet Explorer and Google Chrome may be more popular, but Mozilla Firefox has its own loyal fan following. The web browser has been doing a few things to maintain its market share.

Recently, it has made some important changes and the latest one in the series is its web encryption addition. It will now be giving more emphasis to sites which are protected by HTTPS.

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Mozilla made this announcement in its blog. Its new set of features will be made available only to HTTPS sites, which are encrypted and more secure. However that is not all. It will gradually restrict HTTP sites from access several of its existing features.


The deadline for such changes hasn’t yet been decided. The blog post claimed that it will be the Mozilla community that will determine the date.

One example of what could be new (and restricted) features on non-secure sites is access to new hardware features. It is planned that first it will be restricting access to these new features and then access to existing ones. The result could be that users will find breakdowns when opening non-secure sites.

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Mozilla will however be walking a thin line between security and accessibility. That is why there are reports that rather than running strict restrictions it is planning some “softer” limitations.

This move Mozilla Firefox is something unique, as neither Google nor Microsoft have taken any such stance yet. This will force many websites to embrace encryption and become more secure.

However, it could also mean Mozilla losing out on many users – thus affecting its market share.

Therefore, rather than put out strict “restrictions”, it will be best to place some “softer” limitations, at least for the first few months. Otherwise, it could be sending away a lot of its users who have been using Firefox as their default browser.

  1. Hello Nisha,

    Thank you for the heads up about this important announcement!

    And is this for real… Why blocking all of it while (I agree with you) there should be softer limitations.. Seriously they will lose out many users because hardly people are switching to HTTPS especially the small sites given the fact it costs and kind of techy to put and configure HTTPS.

    I’m so sure Mozilla will detect a major decline in its user-base.

    Thanks again for the post, Nisha! I am going to share it so it reaches to as many people as possible who are concerned about HTTPS.

    ~ Adeel