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Want to Develop An Exceptional Mobile Apps? Know the Best Sites To Refer

The outlook of mobile apps is continuously changing. The things that you are learning today will tend to change or upgrade tomorrow. And, everything that you have learnt will become outdated.

The arena of mobile is so new that its trends are consistently repositioning and new developments are introduced every day.

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mobile apps development

Are you planning to develop mobile apps? How will you be doing that without feeling baffled? Here, referring the informational blogs seems extremely useful.

Reading the programming blogs will not help you learn the basic phases of development; they are useful for staying updated, for research and enhancing your programming knowledge. Such blogs are intended for mobile developers.

If that’s what you are passionate about and you haven’t subscribed to any informative resources, you are not doing justice to yourself.

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Below mentioned are some of the best blogs that even experienced developers refer to for designing a breakthrough app:

1)    Mobile TutsPlus: TutsPlus deserves to be mentioned here because of extensive quality information it has for mobile developers.

It is a valuable website that has covered 16,000 tutorials stretching across a myriad range of topics including photography, web design, digital graphics, and all sorts of programming.

It is basically a treasure trove of tutorials, which is primarily a blog at heart, encouraging developers to be in touch with the new trends through articles.

It leverages you to choose specific categories like it has a separate section of mobile development and keeps updating the new trends by posting relevant tutorials. Even if you are planning for a career into mobile app development, it is a wonderful resource in every aspect.

2)    Android Developers Blog: For the avid Android developer, this blog site is opaque but not much frequently updated. You will find too much information on this blog, covering the concerns that might or might not be of any impact on your field of Android development.

The average blogs posted per week is 1-2, which are sufficient to feed your brain. The most impressive aspect of this site is that it has been in action since 2007 onwards.

If you are tired searching off a reliable site that remains active and consistent, Android Developer Blog is a name to remember.

3)    iOSDev Weekly: This blog site has emerged as a worthwhile recommendation. It is not among the individual blogs, it is a weekly journal that covers some of the finest articles on iOS development for a particular week.

You might be wondering why this blog is referred here. The answer lays in the holistic collection of iOS related things that it has in its storehouse.

Whether you want in-depth history, complete analysis or any code tutorials, don’t hesitate to opt for iOSDev Weekly.

4)    NSHiptster: It is also one of the reader’s recommended publications. This blog site is iOS-centric that focus more towards the newest side of the programmer skill spectrum.

It has a tagline stating that “NSHipster is a journal of the overlooked bits in Swift, Cocoa and Objective-C. Updated weekly” that highlights its focus in bold.

The coolest feature that sets “NSHipster Quiz” apart is its vast collection of questions that extends from a random trivia to dense tech-related queries that a few would have understood.

It’s often a fun exercise that you can utilise for enhancing your knowledge horizons and fosters you towards an expanded level of understanding about iOS development.

5)    Official Apple Swift Blog: Focussed on new trends of Apple’s latest programming language? Then Official Apple Swift Blog is a right destination for you.

In every few days, you can find a new post revealing new tips and tricks and advising about the best utilisation of Swift language for the better execution of things.

It is expected that Swift will slowly but surely become the favourite choice for developing iOS and OS apps, so it’s the best time to dive in now.

This site contains another useful section with a summary of the resources that can serve as excellent supplemental material including videos; guide and code snippets that may help you understand and learn Swift in a practical manner.

As this is the official site, it’s of no harm to expect good links to be added with time.

6)    Building Apps for Windows: Windows Phone is still lagging behind iOS and Android platform but is surely developing and worth staying updated with.

This site is updated few times a week, offering bagful of content about tips and advice for submissions to Windows Store, new trends, notifications about latest news and much more things relevant to Windows platform.

7)    Apptamin Mobile App Marketing: Once you are done with the development of your app, what comes next in the row? It’s marketing, right! It is one of the most crucial phases of app development.

It will not be a matter of interest how you coded the world’s greatest app? The thing that matters here is how will you capture user’s attention? What kind of advertisement or promotional video will work? Etc. And, all this is extensively covered under the name of Apptamin Mobile App Marketing. Refer to this blog site and promote your app in the best possible way.

Therefore, choose any of the blogs sites mentioned above sticking to your interest field and stay updated with the latest news and updates floating in the market. It will help you have a better grip on things.

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