Microsoft All Set to Launch Windows 10

Microsoft is all set to launch its latest operating system, Windows 10 this year. One of the most fascinating features in the new OS will be its biometric authentication system, which will be a major replacement on the passwords-based system. Each new Windows system that comes along has many special options, and functions that the previous versions did not support. This ensures that we, as users, can see improvement with every update, and with a simple ms office comparison, you can notice how the Windows operating system has evolved over the years. Every version has its pros and cons, but the most important factor is that they are easy to use and to learn for beginners, even people who have never had the opportunity to interact with the software before.

The company hasn’t unveiled any release date, but it is expected that the new Windows OS will be here by mid-summer.

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Microsoft plans to launch Windows 10 in 190 countries. With the largest market share, Microsoft’s Windows platform reaches out to more than 1.5 billion users.



Windows 10 beta is already being used by a few global users so that the company could collect feedbacks. It is astounding that more than a million feedback messages have been received.

It was for the first time that Microsoft released the unfinished version of its Windows OS to so many users, and for free. The feedbacks received are focused on what the company can do to improve its latest operating system.

Microsoft was using the app WindowsInsiders to get all the feedbacks. The early users have already reported that the Windows 10 is far better than Windows 8.1. Even Windows phone users are able to use a new version for their devices.

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Windows 8 was reported to have many issues with the UI. Windows 10 is said to address them successfully. The Windows Phone version has many features similar to those found in the Android counterpart.

The new OS can also scale across different devices including Internet of Things hardware and Xbox. The company is also said to have an entirely different business model than any other Windows update. Users with Windows 7/8 will be able to get a free update.

Similarly, those with 9-inch or smaller devices will also get free OS update.

The introduction of some powerful features in the Windows 10, in a market where the PC segment is taking a beating, could be seen as an effort from Microsoft to get the upper hand.

  1. yes you are right finally windows 10 launch ate announced by the Microsoft officially it will be launched on 29th July and user 7 and 8.8.1 free upgrade to windows 10