Skype v5.3 Update for Android

Microsoft Releases New Skype v5.3 Update for Android

The new Skype update for Android comes with a number of new features. Skype v5.3 now supports emojis and speech-to-text. Besides, if you have several accounts, you can sign-in in to each account.

The new Skype for Android has many similarities to the iPhone and desktop experience. It has a fresh bubble-like chat format. Some of the main features in the layout include the following:

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Skype v5.3 Update for Android

  • Less clutter
  • Appealing fonts
  • Blue text bubbles
  • Image-based avatars

Besides Skype chats come integrated with emojis.

According to Skype officials, all aspects of the chatting feature have improved, including the aesthetics and what you say. With the new emojis you can express yourself in many more ways, without even typing a word. Skype already supports emoticons.

The new Skype version for Android will also be able to speak out your chat responses thanks to a new speech-to-text feature. It is more convenient to follow all the active conversions. Chats will not auto-scroll on new messages. You can now view and change avatars during group chats.

If you sign out of the app and have multiple accounts, Skype for Android will require you to login again. It is interesting to see how Microsoft is increasingly becoming active on the Android platform.

Similarly, the iPhone version of the messaging app is also receiving some new updates. iPhone users will be using the Skype 5.12 version, and Microsoft updated it with new language support. This move will help Skype draw in more users worldwide.

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At the same time the company is updating Skype Qik with more personalization methods. You will now be able to customize your snippets in Skype Qik v1.5 for all the major platforms including Android, iPhone and Windows Phone. There are 8 new effects that can be used when recording views.

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