Skype Update

Microsoft Creates a New Product for Businesses by Integrating Skype

Skype has changed the way people used to communicate. Since Microsoft acquired the video-based communication tool, it has been trying to enhance its usage for various applications.

In its latest efforts the tech giant has unveiled a more formal business version of the program to grow its product portfolio.

The new product, which is currently in the test phase among Microsoft’s Lync users, is known as Skype for Business.

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Thanks to the new Skype for Business, Microsoft Office users will be able to make video calls, send instant messages and run online meetings. The new product was released at the Convergence 2015 last week.

Skype Update

Compared to Skype, the new product is much more advanced in terms of security and functionalities. It provides enterprise-level security, which is increasingly becoming a must-have for all businesses.


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Users can take advantage of the new communication system for chatting, voice calls or video calls.

Many critics are claiming that Skype for Business is nothing more than a rebranding of the company’s existing Instant Messaging Client, Lync. But it is much more than Lync, as it allows users to connect using Skype.

As part of the strategy to revamp Lync to create Skype for Business, the company had to develop several products.

One such product was Delve, a document discovery tool which was introduced some time ago into Office 365. Another important release was Power BI. It is a cloud and browser based data visualising tool.


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Users find it useful in merging different types of data to create animated graphs, which can be used for faster and intuitive dissemination of information.

Skype for Business is designed to help businesses share more information and become more productive, and to empower businesses to get more out of the IT technologies currently available.

Microsoft is expected to release the full version of the product in April.