Microsoft Announces Project Spartan Browser to Replace Internet Explorer

The Internet Explorer has long remained a point of humorous contention for users worldwide. It has had security and speed issues, and most often users suffered from system hanging issues. Despite all the complaints Microsoft didn’t seem to budge for all these years. It continued to stick with its web browser, which was the market’s favorite several years ago. The company has been taking some stringent steps recently, and one such move is that it is going to bury IE under a new browser.


Microsoft is already planning a revolutionary launch for its new OS, Windows 10. The company has announced that it will also be launching a new browser. IE is going to remain here, but the new Project Spartan, the new browser’s codename, will replace it as a technically superior alternative. It is going to be lighter, faster and come integrated with Cortana.

Microsoft has had been carrying a lot of outdated products and tools for a long time. It seems to be making all the important changes to be able to compete with other tech players.

Sparton Browser

Internet Explorer, despite all the complaints, has continued to hold a significant market share across the world. But one reason for this dominance was because it came as the default web browser on Windows. But Chrome and Firefox have proven to be technically more advanced and offered faster and safer browsing experiences to their users.

The level of negative publicity received by Internet Explorer has been a concern for Microsoft. The move to Project Spartan is expected to change many things for the company. Continuing with the same brand didn’t seem to be a healthy option for the tech giant. Despite Microsoft making many changes with the latest versions of IE, its established image in the market would have been difficult to shatter. The company hasn’t yet named the new browser. There are speculations that it may even ask users to propose names.

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