How an MBA Degree Can Help you as an Entrepreneur or in the Business Field?

Only a few entrepreneurs succeed, while others are lost in the forest of mediocrity and others in obscurity. There are many underlying factors that define the success of new start-ups. One of the main factors is the skills and abilities of the entrepreneur himself.

As the one leading a start-up, your business’ success depends mostly on you and your skills and abilities. And one of the best ways to enhance those skills and to put your venture on the road to success is to have an MBA degree from a reputed Indian college.

So how does your MBA curriculum help you succeed as a business person?

The Relation Between a Management Degree and Entrepreneurship

Relation Between a Management Degree and Entrepreneurship


Almost 8 out of 10 of all new businesses are tiny start-ups with just a few employees. Compared to most other management degrees, MBA programmes have the highest potential of turning individuals into successful entrepreneurs.

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This is certainly because of the curriculum involved in the programme. The programme will prepare you to deal with a variety of challenges, well in advance, that you will come across as a business manager.

Clearing a CAT or MAT exam could mean a direct ticket to your life of dreams. You could either turn a successful CAT/MAT result into a lucrative career serving someone else’s dreams or as an able leader who fuels his own goals.

An MBA degree equips you with all the skills you need in order to take up challenges and how to overcome them.

Why Most Businesses Prefer Management Students

There is a long list of good reasons why every business prefers recruiting freshers with MBA degrees. In fact, organisations give higher preference to new MBA degree holders rather than scholars who have completed M.Phil. or PhD programmes in management and business.

If you are able to succeed with your CAT preparation and make it through to the best MBA colleges in the country, you are paving your path to a senior management level within a few years of moving out into the job world.

Again the reason is obvious – you are a good “material” for a business manager or an entrepreneur. You will be well rounded in all areas of business and people management, which makes you highly versatile and valuable to any organisation.

Whether you hold a degree in marketing, HR, business management or Finances, you are the ideal candidate who is capable of putting a company’s prospects in the right gear.

Thus, you are a far better manager than almost any other degree holder across the field.

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An MBA graduate comes as a complete package for any business’ success. So as a successful management student never underestimate your value in the world of business. If you’re into the health field, you may also take an msn mba dual degree online which concentrates on healthcare administration and organizational development.

Almost every industry out there needs a set of common skills, which are gained mostly by students who complete this programme.

If you are looking to give the right direction to your career as an entrepreneur or leading to a successful business manager, you should keep an eye on the top Exams in India that can help you earn an MBA degree from the top schools.

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    This is a great tip, i am tutored herein, thanks for the post.

  2. Nisha Pandey

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  3. I think an MBA is helpful, but it might not be a good ROI. The key here is to know what you want to do with it. If you want to get a job with a huge corporation the MBA should help you get the job. The MBA should also help you with networking.
    But, if you want to become an entrepreneur I wouldn’t spend the time and money on getting and MBA.

  4. Nisha Pandey

    Hi George,

    Agreed to a point. But getting an MBA can certainly give you all the tools and an insight with strong business acumen to excel in your entrepreneurship pursuit. Better to know about what lies ahead in the form of challenges and how to tackle them than take it on all on yourself.

    But then we have big businesses which were started by college dropouts. But knowledge still pays in the long-term and not every dropout is a billionaire or millionaire! 🙂

    Have a great weekend!