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Marketing And Branding Guide To Instagram Stories For You To Follow And Generate Sales



Among all the various facets of digital marketing, social media seems to have changed with more drastic and immediate results. You will always come across new platform, well emerging for the marketers to look into and then master to just stay ahead of trends.  With some of the big algorithms on bigger platforms like FB seems to be always evolving, you might have to stay right on your toes all the time to figure out ways to engage with the same.

With all these changes out there in the market, one thing always remains consistent and that is to ensure that users love to stay engaged with brands in a rather personal manner. Mainly for this reason, Instagram stands right apart from the other social media platforms. It is one of the noted places for you to come and promote brand engagement with users. You will understand a lot more about it straight from Gramblast right away.

More about the IG help and branding:

Instagram has grown by around 1400% just in the last 5 years. With such an impeccable growth, it is no brain turner for the marketers to just come and implement IG into the social strategies. Most importantly, you have the Instagram stories, which will make is super easier for the marketers to just engage with user, create some leads, humanize the brands and the generate customers right on the platform.

These points are stated to be great tool for just showing potential customers and existing ones on why the brand is interesting and relatable. So, the main question over here is how you can get most out of the IG stories. This is when the guide will come into action and will help you big time. It will provide you with some ways in which you can use Instagram Stories for building brand and convert some leads right into sales.

Showcase the points which make brand relatable and fun:

All marketers are well aware that social media engagement is always important. It is also one of the best ways in which you can develop trust from prospects. And the more they get to trust you, the more likely they will turn loyal customers for sure.

  • Even when all the social media platforms are designed to be great avenues for driving audience engagement and sales, IG remains right on another level completely. Right now, over 1 billion users will remain active on daily basis.
  • IG is also known to have excelled in case of engagement. With around 68% of users engaging with brands on a regular basis on IG, while only say around 32% of users will engage with brands on FB regularly. So, there remains a huge difference between IG and other social media platforms.
  • Now, you must be wondering why this change. Well, it is mainly because features like IG stories can always make brands to just show them in interesting and fun light. It is often easier than ever just to humanize brand.
  • You can take example of Tarte Cosmetics, which does this well. This brand regularly travels to some of the exotic places for photo shoots of some of the company bonding trips or new products. Whenever they travel, they will always bring followers along this amazing adventure.
  • Right from showing products as staged for the shoots to focusing on the team members on retreats in some places, the IG stories of Tarte will give the followers the exact insights they are looking for.
  • You can have another great example under Lululemon. Being promising fitness clothing brand, the IG team takes on followers on a regular basis through own personal fitness journeys using stories.
  • Right from live yoga practices to cooking some of the healthy meals, this brand helps in providing you with the right insight into how employees are working way towards same foals right as the followers.

Take Rightful Advantage Of IG Stories Features To Interact With An Audience:

IG stories will help marketers in variety of ways for facilitating easy interaction with the users. With some of the features like hash tags, geographical location tagging, gifs, polls, stockers and some more, growing the following range and even facilitating brand engagement seems to be quite simple. All you need is a little bit of creativity in this regard. Some of the extra features like geo tagging and hash tags will make it super easy for the users to just find you depending on the interest and location.

  • In case, you are associated with local business, geo tagging seems vital whenever the time has come to interact with the IG stories.
  • Whenever you enter a city, IG aggregates stories that other users might have geotagged in location.
  • It forms one great opportunity for the smaller businesses and some of the city tourism brands as they can always utilize geotagging for showing IG users exiting things as taking place just around them.
  • You have Carrigan Farms as a good example. It is a small town in North Carolina, which takes proper advantage of this geotagging section for showing users in area some of the fun activities visitors can actively take part in.
  • With such a huge water quarry in this regard, Carrigan Farms will helpthe visitors to jump right off cliffs into cleaner and deep water.
  • Capturing and the sharing such photos and videos of the activities hovering around the farm will help in bringing in awareness to others residing near the area of the fun they can enjoy with a trip to the place.
  • Moreover, hash tags will make it super easier to find content, depending on the topic. Many celebrities and brands will have hash tags that they might use across social media so that everyone looking for content about person or brand can find it well.

Help from pros in using IG for your business brand and marketing can run a long way. You just need to follow the steps mentioned for immediate help.

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