MakeWebVideo: Quick & Easy DIY Online Video Creating Service

A picture speaks a thousand words. A video can speak even more. When was the last time you thought of creating a powerful product or project demo video to impress your clients or customers? Presentations have long been the lifesaver for millions of sales and marketing professionals worldwide. But with an internet video production service like MakeWebVideo, creating impressive videos has become nothing less than a breeze. There’s no need to deal with complex array of buttons and go through complicated processes to create a video. It’s swift and easy with this affordable software.

What is MakeWebVideo?

MakeWebVideo is an internet video production service that allows you to create promotional videos, specifically for business purposes. It is a DIY online service that makes use of Adobe After Effects templates to make your task extremely easy.

If you want, the service can also have custom videos developed for you based on your specific requirements. MakeWebVideo is the first service globally to provide automation of video production based on Adobe After Effects templates.


You can create professional-looking and high quality videos using a web browser.

What Can You Do with MakeWebVideo?

MakeWebVideo’s DIY system allows you to do the following 2 things:

  • Create MP4 videos using Adobe After Effects templates. Your video will make use of 3D graphics and sophisticated special effects.
  • Access to a library of hundreds of professional video clips that can be included in your business video.

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Main Features of MakeWebVideo

The main features of this internet video production service are as following:

  • Easy to Use: There is no need to have any technical or designing skills. All you have to do is to choose the right template based on the type of video you need and your goals. Customize the template by adding the footage, images, text and music. As already mentioned, you can find footage from the MakeWebVideo library or you can add your own footage captured using your camera or phone.
  • Quick Video Creation: Your video can be ready in minutes. All depends on how much of information you want to include in it. Since you will not be relying on any other professional, you will not have to wait – just create video for business and share or upload.
  • Video Hosting Service: MakeWebVideo also provides video hosting services. You can also embed your video on your site. Play it on any iOS device or PC. Send links to your target audience so that they can watch your video and learn about your products, services or special offers.
  • Download Video: Once you have created a video, you can also download it in WEBM or MP4 format. The video can be used as a demo presentation for your clients or uploaded to Facebook, YouTube or your own site. The online service supports HTML5 video formats.


Affordable Video Creation & Money Back Guarantee

It costs just $29 to start making a video with MakeWebVideo. You can also create a free preview video and then pay to download the full-HD, high-quality video if you like the output. Besides, the internet video production service also offers a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the result.



Anyone from almost any industry can use MakeWebVideo to create powerful, high-quality videos. Here are some of the main purposes for using this service:

  • Create Business Videos: This service allows you to create video for business for promoting products or events, or for your website. You can make professional, high-quality commercial videos to help with your business’ cause without having to hire a professional production team.
  • Animated Promotional Videos: MakeWebVideo is used by thousands of professionals and businesses for creating animated promotional videos. It works as a professional online marketing video maker. The video file can then be shared, embedded in your website or published.
  • Create Explainer Videos: Educational or explainer videos can be created for businesses, educational and non-profit purposes. Upload the videos on YouTube or Facebook or show to your target audience on your laptop.
  • Whiteboard Animation: You can also create animated whiteboard corporate video to explain your points more effectively. MakeWebVideo’s whiteboard video template library is always being updated with new professional handmade drawings. You can also have their team create custom whiteboard videos to your specifications.

Whether looking to create sales, marketing or whiteboard corporate video, MakeWebVideo makes everything possible for you. If you are a developer looking to promote your mobile apps, you can create compelling videos with this service. If you have product to promote, it takes just minutes to come up with a powerful video.

MakeWebVideo works with all the commonly used browsers on the different platforms including Windows, Mac and even on Linux. Creating videos is no longer restricted to the tech-savvy geeks. Whether you are a business owner, a professional or a blogger, this DIY online video creating software makes your task extremely easy and quick.

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    Marketing is one of the toughest jobs, and promoting our idea or services is not easy. We could hire a professional designer and make a video of our services, but they are slightly expensive.

    MakeWebVideo is online service that can be used for producing professional business videos to help market and promote our services and business. MakeWebVideo is an online animated/explainer video service which is helping most of the internet marketers and entrepreneurs, as well as small business owners to promote their business to the next level at affordable prices. MakeWebVideo is affordable and definitely worth it. Animated videos can be made using inbuilt templates, which look attractive and run smoothly. Eventually, thanks for sharing much additional information regarding this subject.

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