Make money blogging

Make Quick Money from Your Blog – The Greatest Tips Ever

I’ve found many bloggers trying best to make their blog a profit generating medium. Though blogging is not an easy way to bring in big money initially, if you go about it in the right way, you can easily sit back and enjoy the money and freedom it ensures. Here are some amazing but effective tips I’ve put together that will help you get past the rough patches and extract a good income from your blog.

Make money blogging

Get Your Priorities Right

You may not realize it but as far as I have seen, blogging is one of the last options that people looking to make profits online go for. This is because it is essentially a long term process that depends on building value and links which is not established that easily. I know this may sound depressing to all the young and upcoming bloggers, but this is an irrefutable fact. The silver lining here is that it is indeed possible to make money with the tips I’ve come up with.

TIP 1: Freelancing

If you do not have a specific service or product to build the blog upon, you need to find a good niche. I’d suggest approaching this in a systematic manner. You first need to find a particular necessity or want that people are looking for and next provide an apt solution for the problem. This can soon evolve into a product that you can sell, without having to spend time on providing the solution.

TIP 2: Get Your Portfolio Visible with the Blog

Your blog can serve as the best platform to showcase whatever talent you have. I’ve seen many guest bloggers and even online writers who display their expertise to attract prospective customers. Whatever information that is related to you and your skills can be found in the blog. This will make it a perfect launching pad for you to exert a pull on the clients.

Though this may sound simple, I think this is the best way to build a genuine business online. You get experience while you provide your service, get to know about the issues that may crop up, know how to deal with them and in the process, you will also be increasing your authority and credibility.

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TIP 3: Use Powerful Content

As far as I’ve noticed, the blogs which rake in money are those that display powerful content. For the content to appeal to the audience, you need to be passionate about the subject you’re writing about. This will give it an added punch. The relevance will also be maintained when you are focused on the content and not on the shortcuts which can spoil entire concept.

With relevant content that is regularly updated, you can grab the attention of visitors and convert them into loyal followers. This means you get an opportunity to generate income from your blog. Further, another benefit you get by this approach is that your ranking online and your authority will increase substantially.

TIP 4: Advertisements are the Easiest Route

Though advertisements may look weird when you are just starting out, they give you a reasonable income. When you do not see any traffic and don’t possess the required talent or skill to make the blog work, the adverts come in handy. Pay per click, cost per thousand, and In-Text advertisements are some of the ways, which you can use effortlessly to generate an income.

While you’re thinking about this, I’d like to caution on using this method widely, as people get irritated when they come upon several ads. Use them as sparingly as possible. A parked domain which features the ads that will direct traffic to your blogs is a way I find more effective.

TIP 5: Use Promotional Tactics

Once you have established a good foundation to your blog with the right content, you can use promotional tactics to spike your visibility. Conduct events, contests, giveaways, and coupons to lure traffic to your site.  You can also get money from the sponsors too.

Conducting webinars on a topic related to your niche and finding a sponsor for it would heighten your popularity. Using product reviews and giving free coupons and gifts will attract people to your site and increase your commission money.

TIP 6: Affiliates Do Work Excellently

I’d suggest using this only when you have established your blog well and have a large and loyal following. This is basically an advertising format that is based on performance. You earn money every time a reader makes a purchase or clicks into the affiliate site. The money received as commission is based on the value of the service or product or it can also be a fee for generating a good lead.

White label marketing is also an easy way to earn money where you sell the product made by a third party using their own brand. You get your money in the form of commission for every sale you make. Posting photos of other companies that are related to your content and getting paid when a reader buys anything is also another way to make money.

TIP 7: Blogging as a Profession

blogging passion

If you are talented in writing and find it easy to work independently, professional blogging is also a good way to earn money. I’d suggest using this only when the work is directly related to your blogging objectives in the long haul. Another alternative is to become part of a blog network. There are many networks that pay bloggers for the posts or for the page views their post receives.

When you have done the necessary footwork and set up a considerable following, you will find numerous money generating options before you. And believe me! The process will become much easier then. The crucial point you should note here is that you need to get involved in the blog deeply, keep posting regularly, and carve a name for yourself. This is what brings in the big money with satisfaction nicely coupled to it.

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