Low-budget marketing for startups

Low-budget marketing for startups: TOP 9 life hacks

Start-up culture and the infrastructure formed around it have largely changed the global society, technology, and business. Today, it’s easier for the developer of an interesting idea to realize it and make money on it because there are many “entry points.” Here are the top 9 life hacks that every startup should follow.

  1. Enter the big business loyalty program

If you have a startup in the field of B2C, then you can find new customers with the help of HR specialists from large companies. To do this, you need to create a preferential offer of your product for the internal loyalty program and make friends with HR. Then the HR manager will be able not only to make internal mailings around the company about your product but also recommend it personally. Make an evangelist out of HR!

  1. Enhance your email marketing to promote your startup.

The combination of email marketing with retargeting, in particular in social networks, increases the conversion of your advertising company by one and a half times.

  1. Connect your opinion leaders

Search the networks for those with 2,000 to 3,000 subscribers and above and place ads on them. During a comprehensive advertising campaign, connecting micro-leaders will greatly enhance its effect.

  1. Engage the audience through tests

Facebook tests work very well. People love to go through them to learn more about themselves. At the end of the test, you can make some viral pictures for sharing, and for those who share, hold a competition. You can make sales inside the test or collect contact details with a pixel and catch them with a specific product offer.

  1. Practice the combination: Influencer marketing + Paid Social

This is when, through the platform of bloggers, you are given not only the opportunity to advertise with the blogger himself but also manage his advertising post, for example, to target his post to his audience or just take the blogger’s post and begin to target it to the target audience.

  1. Test hypotheses with Growth Hacking

To develop a startup, use this quick way: make a landing page and start testing a large number of hypotheses.

  1. Analyze competitors’ strategy

Before launching the hypothesis, analyze the competitors’ strategy to get insights about what is happening in the market where you want to develop a startup. Take the time to think about positioning and how to detach yourself from these competitors.

  1. Be persistent in offering partnerships with you.

100 people will refuse you, and one will agree. You are a startup, so digital marketing Orlando in less budget is essential to you.

  1. Content marketing drives

And this is not only about PR publications, but also about useful and relevant content that helps your audience spend time with your product. During this time, you reward people and then connect classic remarketing to them. Go to those channels that have not yet been spoiled by the advertising budget and be sure to adapt your content to a specific community.