Lava Xolo Play Tegra Note

Lava Xolo Play Tegra Note – Overall Review

The Tegra Note, the first ever Tegra 4 Note tablet from NVIDIA has been unveiled pretty recently and it has been noted that the company has partnered with Xolo to launch this awesome tablet here in India.  The device has been showcased by the Cofounder of NVIDIA and the CEO cum president at an event in Mumbai India before its launch happened in the middle of October. The Tegra 4 tablet, which is first of the kind for this company, is expected to cost around Rs 20,000 in India.

Lava Xolo Play Tegra Note

The slate 7 Extreme note has been unveiled by HP quite recently, which was later renamed to be Tegra Note. The XOLO play Note is featured with a 7 inch capacitive display screen that has an on screen display resolution of 1280×800 pixels and features and IPS display that has been supported by the direct stylus technology of NVIDIA. The device is backed up by a Quad Core Tegra 4 CPU and the device operates with the help of an Android 4.2 Jelly bean version with Updates received directly from NVIDIA.  The Xolo play Tegra Note was anticipated to get launched way back in October in India, but the launch failed to happen. Now the Tegra 4 powered 7 inch android tablet has been rebranded and has partnered with Xolo to establish its launch in India. Let us discuss the brief specifications of the tablet in detail in this article.

Main features of the device in a nut shell:

The Note features a 7 inch multi touch IPS capacitive display and runs with the help of Android Jelly bean operating system version 4.2. The note has been applauded for its 5 MP rear camera, quad core Tegra 4 processor, Ge force GPU that is powered by 72 core Nvidia force etc.  The note is expected to feature an internal memory of 16 GB that could get extended to at least 64 GB with the help of an external storage device. It does feature ambient connectivity features such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB port and makes use of a Stylus Pen as well.

Xolo has indeed started launching its tablet series by first incorporating the XOLO tab which supported 3G and powered by a quad core processor. The XOLO tab 7 is pretty different from its predecessor and would get launched shortly as XOLO Tegra Note, a powerful device compared to its predecessors.  The launch of the device was expected way back in July 2013, and has been delayed till the last quarter of the year 2014.

Lava Xolo Play Tegra Note

General features:

The device looks typically like a bar and has average dimensions of 138.4x70x10.40 mm and weighs roughly about 167 gms, hope it snugly fits the pockets of its users. The device is currently available only in Black color as of now.

Display, OS and Processor:

The Xolo Play Tegra Note features a 7 inch IPS multi touch display at a resolution of 1280x 800 pixels. The device is available in bar factor with black colored body and supported by a stylus pen. The device is powered by a 1.8 GHz processor offered by Nvidia Tegra 3 and is supported by an internal memory of 1 GB RAM and a GeForce GPU of 72 core strength from Nvidia.  These set of tough processing speed and awesome configurations, makes the device the best and the most awesome tablet device, ideal for gaming.  The device has a RAM speed of 1 GB and an internal storage volume of 4 GB; this is again expandable to up to 32 GB with the help of a micro SD card.

Camera and Memory:

The tablet device from Xolo features two different types of camera, one is a 5 MP rear camera to shoot motion pictures and stills of amazing clarity with clarity of 2592x 1944 and the other is a 0.3 MP front camera with a pixel resolution of 640×480 pixels to help aid video calling and self-imaging. These pictures would always have a place in its expandable memory, aided with a Micro SD card.


The device works on an operating system of Android 4.1.1 and does not have Java support. The tablet supports HTML browser, but lacks browser supports flash.

Connectivity and Battery:

The various connectivity options available in the device include WiFi, USB port, Bluetooth at v 3.00, GPS and its headphone jacks are at 3.5 mm. But the device definitely lacks DLNA, NFC, Wi-Fi Direct, DLNA, HDMI and MHL outlets. The device assures connectivity with a micro USB and FM and it is possible to charge the tablet device with the help of Micro USB. The tablet lacks proprietary charging and data connectors. It is possible to use only a single Micro SIM in the tablet and the device supports GSM frequencies at both 2G and 3G bandwidth.


The tablet device supports proximity sensors, compass and magnetometer sensors, ambient light sensors and accelerometer. It does lack significantly in the incorporation of sensors such as barometer and temperature sensors as that available with some of the high end tablet devices.

Pros of the device:

The device features the best and the robust configuration for the price it demands and would be an ideal tablet device for budget conscious Indian buyers. The tablet is completely game oriented and its memory features would support a number of high end games to be played with the tablet at ease. Its stylus pen is of high end and offers a technical advantage for the device over its competitors and is surely good value for the money it demands.


It has been made pretty sure that the Lava Xolo tablet attracts its consumers pretty instantly and immediately and does feature a classic look and a striking design. The tablet does embody everything starting from a latest OS and the latest processor to a hi tech stylus pen. The tablet is also priced reasonably and would surely compete with the some of the leading and high end tablets in the market.