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How to Launch a Brand New Drop Shipping Store and get $28,000+ in Sales in a Month



His motto is “Earning money is easy. Helping others is easier”. Kingpin makes no secret of his success story. He is always ready to share some hints & tips of this business in a popular drop shipping community. He is a real drop shipping guru for beginners.

How This Drop Shipping Business Has Began

Kingpin has 7 drop shipping stores in different niches now. The young businessman uses various business models. Some of his stores are B2C, they are targeted to ordinary people. Other his stores are B2B, their customers are small businesses.

Hard to believe, but this guy went into dropshipping business without any experience. He had long been engaged in internet marketing but never tried drop shipping.

His venture started when he knew about AliDropship plugin. This e-commerce WordPress solution greatly simplifies the drop shipping model. With this plugin, it took Kingpin only two hours to set up his first webstore and to import more than 100 items. Later he spent about a fortnight editing the descriptions and other info to improve product pages, but the setup itself was truly fast. The same happened to his second drop shipping store – he set it up in about two hours.

Kingpin uses the WooCommerce version of AliDropship plugin. All his sites work with both Stripe and PayPal. To ease the payments, he has registered a US based LLC.

Sell In Your Drop Ship Store Like Hot Cakes

As for one of his newest ventures, in February 2017 Kingpin launched a new general drop shipping store. Unlike others, it is not a niche store. It comprises higher class products at the price of $10 and more. Usually, several items united into one offer are sold in small bulk. If the total purchase price is above or equal to $100, the shipping is free.

The target market for this project is retailers from the USA and Australia, so this is an example of B2B business. Most part of Kingpin’s traffic (80-85%) comes from Facebook. So he used FB ads for promotion. He started with a daily budget of $5.

He does all types of ads but prefers to focus on video ads. Usually, he promotes some funny videos or video compilations which appeal to his niche or the product category. In the end of such video, Kingpin puts a slide with the information about his store. He also inserts the link in the description.

After 30 days of that strategy the results were fantastic – $28,000 in sales and $14,500 of net profit. Not bad for the first month!

For Those Who Has No Idea Where to Start Drop Shipping

If you wonder how to launch a new drop shipping business, here are 3 main steps from Kingpin.

  1. Niche research. As a first step Kingpin always goes to Amazon best sellers and finds out the most popular products, niches and categories. Then he visits AliExpress and sees how many goods are available in these niches. It’s better if there is ePacket shipping option. Begin with a niche where you can pick out at least 20 nice products.

It’s good to select items relevant to any hobby – jogging, cycling, sewing, etc. Choosing niches related to pets is also a good idea. Such goods are usually in great demand. Try to find quite unique things. And steer clear of trademark copyrighted products!

  1. Drop shipping store setup. WooCommerce version of AliDropship plugin allows Kingpin to choose a theme appropriate for his niche. On a landing page, he puts some pre-sale info, an email form, and redirection to checkout or the actual product page. Check out page offers upsell and discounts for sharing on social networks.
  2. Promotion. Kingpin uses Facebook ads. Now he promotes viral content or articles related to his niche. And he tries to make his ad posts go viral.

On the article page, he puts images and links to the products and email opting form to get users’ emails. He puts FB retargeting pixels on his site. Then he sets another awesome ad and shows it to those Facebook users who visited that article page. This time he directs them to the product page, and as a rule, they make a purchase.

For example, one of his items is related to the dog niche. To promote it, he found the most shared FB posts about dogs with the help of Buzzsumo tool. And he met a viral post shared on Facebook 2.4 million times.

Then he created an overtake copy of the link of the original share by his own web tool. He posted his link on his Facebook Dog Page and created an FB and with a budget of 5$. He was targeting New Yorkers who like pit bulls. Simple as that! 22 sales are in the bag!

He also does email marketing. Some customers don’t buy the selected items and abandon the shopping carts. Kingpin targets these people with new email ads with tempting offers and great discounts. He also uses a strategy of repeat business emailing his clients related product suggestions.

So, Kingpin has 7 well-run stores generating profit. He also has a beta test drop ship store for staging and checking new features of AliDropship and WooCommerce plugins. Kingpin recommends all drop shippers to make such an experimental site to update plugins here first. If everything is ok, then you can update the plugin on other sites.



Kingpin’s Law Code

  • Be a clean fighter.

If you want to succeed in drop shipping business, play fair. Be ethical and observe the law. Better focus your efforts on legal marketing strategies.

  • Never stop learning.

Don’t be afraid of mistakes. There is no single right course. Dare to try different strategies. Making false steps is the good way to learn faster.

  • Target everyone relevant.

Aim at all the people with interest related to goods presented at your sites. Look through the sites doing B2B stuff and check if you can target them on Facebook ads.

  • No copyrighted products.

Big brands are very strict to people pirating their intellectual property. Any same looking duplicate is a big NO.

Kingpin has chosen drop shipping business among all the other e-commerce options, and he never regretted it. He knows how to convert time and efforts into money, and he can inspire other drop shippers. You can easily reach him and ask for advice on the forum.

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