Landing Page Conversion Mistakes

Landing pages are great when optimized correctly for conversion. They quickly introduce viewers to new topics, ideas, or brands, and establish authority. If you’re new to landing pages or you have a page that isn’t giving you the right results, these mistakes might be to blame. If your landing page isn’t created with performance in mind, you might be sabotaging your business. There’s a reason landing pages are so powerful when it comes to marketing your business. Make sure you aren’t making any of these landing page conversion mistakes!

Landing Page Conversion

Your page takes too long to load.

When you only have one page to share your best information on, you might feel like you need to stuff it with videos, large images, and wall to wall text. This slows down the page and most viewers won’t stick around to see the entire thing load completely. You only have a second or two of time to load your landing page before you risk losing viewers, so you need to have it perfectly optimized to load quickly and properly. Use an online speed test like Pingdom to quickly test the speed of your landing page before launch.

Your page has more than one offer.

Landing pages are supposed to be straight to the point. This isn’t the place to go into in-depth explanations or to list every product or service you offer. More than one offer confuses viewers, and they’re less likely to make that final decision in your favor. Keep your landing page concise by only having one offer. Don’t just make the offer once at the end of the page! Repeat the offer several times throughout the page to make it easy to access as readers are scrolling through it.

You use the wrong visuals.

Everyone knows what stock photos look like. There’s a reason people are less likely to trust websites with stock photos and it’s simply because they’re overused. If you can, skip the stock photos and create your own visuals or even videos to capture your audience’s attention on your landing page. The best way to promote your product or service is to show it in action! Create mockups of your ebook or a photo of someone using your latest product. These visuals help viewers imagine themselves already with the product!

Landing Page Conversion Mistakes

You have weak headlines and calls to action.

The wrong text can weaken your landing page. You don’t need to be an expert writer to write a strong marketing copy. Put yourself into the shoes of your audience. What would catch their attention? What problems do they need solved? What causes them to take action? Your headlines shouldn’t be generic. They should pinpoint the value of your product or service, and they should quickly grab attention.

Similar, you can’t settle on vague calls to action. A simple “buy now” isn’t enough to drive most people to spend their own money. Instead, be specific. Something like “Click here to finally reclaim your financial health!” is more powerful than “Buy this now.” Utilize a conversion optimization company who can help pinpoint weak language on your landing page and suggest ways to improve.

Stop making these landing page mistakes today!

Landing pages are powerful tools when used correctly. You can’t simply add text and visuals on your page and expect it to convert visitors into customers! You need to really hone in on what it is that brings your visitors to act, and you need to compel them to do so in just a short amount of time. Learn from these mistakes above and work on improving your landing page so you can see the best results! Sometimes you have to try a few different calls to action or different visuals until you land on the right formula for success!

  1. Hi Nisha,

    Very useful article on landing pages. It is a common phenomenon that landing pages do not give results as expected leading to good deal of frustration. It happens more often than expected.

    You article points out in the right direction and suggests effective measures to deal with this problem. It needs some careful thought on our part get the results we expect from our landing pages. Also, as you said, we need to try different versions of elements to find out what works.

    Thanks for sharing these great tips with us. Have a great day!