Good news for iPhone 5 users

Do you Know that your iPhone Tracks you 24 Hours?

If you want to track your spouse’s movements, his/her iPhone is your best friend. It can record and save the entire history of where your partner goes, the duration of stay at a location and the frequency of visits.

Interestingly, most people are unaware of this feature and most likely your partner too. The recordings can be so accurate that your home could be saved as “home” in your itinerary. If your iPhone falls into someone else’s hands, it will not be difficult for them to get access to your locations and the places you frequent too often.

Imagine getting your phone stolen or the information being hacked by someone.

Good news for iPhone 5 users

The feature could prove to be a nightmare for men or women who have suspecting partners. They could easily get access to information about their locations, which could be the cause of frequent tussle between couples.

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According to Apple, this tracking system was introduced by the company to help improve the user experience of its iPhone users. The system will learn about all the places which were important to the user. Apple also acknowledges that the data remains on the device and the company doesn’t access it without the user’s permission. It uses the technology for providing more customized services to iPhone users.

So is there any way to disable this tracking system on your iPhone? Yes, there is. Use the following steps to stop your device from keeping a track of your location:

  • Open the iPhone’s settings and enter Locations
  • Scroll down and tap System Services
  • Tap Frequent Locations
  • Tap Clear History
  • Move back to Frequent Locations and tap the button to off

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Once you have switched the feature off, you can go around anywhere without worrying that anyone could get access to your daily itinerary and the places you visit.