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Do you know Infuencer Marketing is the Future of Marketing?



If you are crossing through this article for the first time then you must be wondering, what is influencer marketing right?Influencer marketing is the combination of content marketing and social media marketing. People who create high engaging contents to influence people for products and services are called influencers; they promote that content on various social media platforms and termed as social media influencers. This overall process is called influencer marketing.

Get to know who all are Social media influencers referring to our infographic.

Today people have turned to influencers because their advice and recommendations are trustworthy and the information is presented to them at the right time.

According to statistics, 71% of consumers are likely to buy products and services based on social media referrals

For example, a user is browsing through a blog about home-decor and the blogger has presented sufficient information having beautiful imagery, context and referral links, the user is definitely going to get convinced receiving all needful information at one place. This contextual approach is much more effective than forcing promotional ads everywhere.

What’s more, influencers can reach a giant network of targeted people that could be your next loyal customers. Pretty sweet, right?!

Other important stats show that 84% marketers are planning to use influencers to take their business to a whole new level.

You can use it too and experience the benefits for yourself.

Check out the infographic we, at Sinclair Digitech, created. It walks you through all of the necessary points you need to know about influencer marketing…how effective it is, major stats, how you can find right influencer for your campaign, what you can gain when utilizing influencer marketing, etc.

Infographic_Influencer marketing

Kinjal Adeshara is Managing Director at Sinclair Digitech and interested to share her informative and trending story on blog reading lovers. She mostly writes about articles, blogs on various topics related to eCommerce marketing, digital marketing, social media marketing and trending technology topics. Connect with her on @sinclairtech

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