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Keep an Eye on These Web Design Trends for 2018



With the year coming to an end, it’s time to look back reflect what the year was all about. In creative disciplines, it’s not about what’s different but rather what influences the users to stay. With so much variety in the market of designs, redesigns, and even tiny tweak adaptations. 2018 will be the year of sophistication and web designing tools that achieve this will be seen the most.

Here’s the list of some upcoming Web Design Tools that all web developers need to stay updated to the latest designing trends.


Affinity consists of many great features like customization Non-destructive layers and is also known as a ‘Photoshop Killer’. Being one of the composed web and a visual designing tool that lets you modify pictures without harming the vectors. Affinity has enough potential to give tough competition to big players of design game like Illustrator, Sketch, and Photoshop.


Macaw is fueled by Stream and that is a continuous design motor. It is the tool that lets the designer to compose the semantic HTML and concise the CSS. With a powerful design-to-code engine that is meant to convert CSS into HTML, just states that Macaw is here for the long run. It also figures margins, floats and other properties that are required to add components to stream.


This is an open-source and responsive CMS that help to increase the web development pace. For wagtail, there are options available like all alone machine, a shared server or in the cloud. One of its feature is Snippets that allows you to replicate your content in different formats and on various site locations.


Ink is the web designing tool that allows you to make responsive e-mails that can work on any gadget, yes that’s right! The organization ZURB, that created Ink mainly aims at efficiently utilizing the frameworks and sending responsive HTML emails accordingly.


This is an open source client-side development stack that contains a number of frameworks and tools to help developers create web apps. Google’s Yeoman is the best of them all with options like auto-arranging the code, optimising images and so much more. As this tool runs as a command-line interface the workflow will be robust and opinionated client-side.


If you are a non-coder, this is the tool for you as atomic is a prototyping tool that requires no coding. Instead of going for the Premium version of this web designing tool, make sure to try out the free trial of 30 days. This tool has several features like Craft Motion, History Track, Multi-device Feedback etc. that enhances the whole experience of designing.



Below are some bonus tips that are trending right now and using these designing methods can truly transform your site, like a new one:

  • The Floating Navigation Menu have become a must-have requirement. Those times have gone when the fixed navigation bar was a thing. Users thrive for something new and trending while interacting with websites and apps. To be creative one can even add a drop shadow to their site’s navigation bar and move it a bit below from the top portion.
  • The Page Transitions are the next big thing that we are currently witnessing on all major sites. Instead of going from one static webpage to another, these transitions make this process smooth. This can be achieved by using CSS3 animations or if you are a WordPress user, just download the plugin.

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