SEO Tips That Boost Visibility & Revenue

Journey to the Top – SEO Tips That Boost Visibility & Revenue

Search Engine Optimization is the most important component of your digital marketing mix.

With search engine algorithms having changed significantly in the last few years, Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) are often finding it tough to choose the right SEO techniques to boost page rankings.

Many strategies that worked in the past have become redundant in recent times. SMBs need to measure each step carefully to increase their visibility and revenue.

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The services of a professional SEO company in India would help you meet your desired goal. Here are a few important tips that you need to know.SEO Tips That Boost Visibility & Revenue

# Build a Great Site

The genesis of quality optimization lies in the quality of the site. Optimizing a poorly designed and coded website is a big challenge. If you don’t have a site yet, get one designed from the scratch.

For your existing site, get it audited by SEO experts even before they start optimizing it. Altering the design and coding it cleanly can help your site rise up the ranks easily.

# Learn To Be Patient

Patience is a virtue and with SEO you need to be extremely patient for achieving quality results. Results can take months to come and you shouldn’t be restless.

Yes, you have many ways for breaking the rules and getting results instantly but these methods will hurt your business prospects in the long run.

Keep track of your site’s traffic and you would see gradual improvement in traffic and ranking with a good SEO program.

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# Choosing Keywords Carefully

The days of keyword stuffing are over and you can no longer expect to succeed by putting remotely related keywords in your content.

Today the challenge is to choose central keywords or key phrases for your business around which the site would be optimized.

Hence you need to dedicate quality time for the research of these keywords.

# Optimize for Mobile

Google and other search engines are heavily focusing on mobile optimization and having a mobile friendly site adds to your SEO score.

Opt for a responsive site and it would increase your page views and at the same time your rankings.

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# Put Reader’s Interest First

Though keywords are important for attracting targeted traffic to your webpages, you must never become too much obsessed with their use.

Make sure never to spoil a sentence structure or the flow of content to stuff in unnatural keywords or key phrases.

Remember the golden rule – ‘don’t try writing for the search engines; write for the users.”

# Don’t Forget The Sitemap

Making it easy for search engine spiders to crawl through your site goes a long way in boosting its rankings.

A sitemap helps the bots find all the important pages in your site including those that cannot be crawled.

Optimizing the number of links on the sitemap is equally important and you shouldn’t cross the 100 mark.

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# Start A Blog

Businesses that have started a blog and post fresh content regularly are gaining top positions on search engines.

Don’t blog merely for the sake of blogging, but write informative and engaging stuff that adds value to a user’s time spent on your site so that he/she returns time and again.

Fresh content is also capable of attracting the attention of search engine bots to your site and boost its rankings.

# SEO Friendly URLs and Navigation

Using keywords in your URL tends to boost the rankings of your site and use them in place of auto-generated URLs.

Also keep the number of words in the URL to a minimum or else it would appear spammy.

A good strategy will be to never leave empty spaces in your URLs, as it is bad for SEO.

As far as the site navigation is concerned, keep the ‘three-click’ rule in mind. This means every single page or post in your website should be maximum three clicks away from the home page.

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# Build Links Smartly

Though you may come across dozens of posts writing obituaries about link building, it continues to be a relevant SEO strategy.

The focus has shifted to quality instead of quantity and the days of link farming are truly but over.

You need to search for links that are natural and add value to the users instead of forcing them into irrelevant content page.

# Don’t Rely Only On Search Traffic

This statement may seem to be an oxymoron considering the title of the post but as the saying goes “never put all your eggs in the same basket”.

Even though bulk of your traffic may come initially from search engines, yet you need to establish alternate channels of traffic such as emails, social media platforms and users who come directly to your site.

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This would save the site in case search engines drop you from their results pages, something which happened to thousands of businesses with Google’s Penguin and Panda updates.

As mentioned above, you need the services of a professional SEO company that can not only increase your traffic, it should also build your brand equity.

Choosing the best SEO companies in India is never easy. You must take a look at their track record and check the sites that they have been able to optimize.

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