TeslaThemes Affiliate Program

Join TeslaThemes Affiliate Program for 50% Commissions

Look out in the market, how many companies out there have the guts to offer you 50% commissions?  Well, Tesla Theme Affiliate Program does simple as that.

So here’s the point, if you’re an Affiliate marketer, then you probably know it’s a billion Dollar industry, huh? I mean yeah not everyone has the guts to offer you 50% commissions, still it’s thriving.

So no doubt it’s the “thing of the moment”. But the one doubt that always lurks in your minds is, which affiliate programs should you choose, huh?

I mean almost every company out there offers “affiliate programs” but how many actually want to make you rich? None, they’re all here for their own business, but maybe, Tesla Themes affiliate program is trying to break the stereotype.

What Makes TeslaTheme Affiliate Program Special?

There are literally millions of affiliate programs out there in the world, so why Tesla?

I mean you could join any one of them, why Tesla Themes? Why am I writing this article about them when I could be writing about any other program?

Well, there’s a pretty serious reason about that.

TeslaThemes Affiliate Program

TeslaThemes Affiliate Program

I’d just share some basic features with you, keep in mind these are just a glimpse of what Tesla Themes Affiliate program has to offer, but I’m sure they’re enough to make you fall in love with them:-

  • 50% Commissions: – Well this is like of their secret weapon. (Well just take out the secret out of it maybe.) So yeah it’s plain and simple, you grab out 50% of all the sales made through your link with Tesla Theme Affiliate Program.
  • You get a 90-day cookie duration. Meaning, if your guy( or girl maybe) uses your link to view a certain Tesla product, after that, you get a duration of 90 days for that person. Meaning, if the person doesn’t buy the product right away and instead does it 3 months later, you still make the money.
  • No Minimum Payout Required: – Meaning, you can withdraw even as low as $1. So yeah you don’t have to wait till you make a certain amount of money before taking it out. Now that’s something not every fish in the market has to offer, right?
  • Tiered Referrals: – Well, another great thing about Tesla Affiliate program is that, you don’t get paid only for sales. But you also get paid for sales made by your friends! Well yeah, meaning if you refer someone, and if they join the program and make a sale, you’ll be making 15% of the sale amount for yourselves too!
  • Promo Materials: – Okay I admit this is not something “unique”, but I don’t think you need more uniqueness for one program huh? I mean all of the above features are almost unique to it, but still I’m just including this point here so that you know that you’re going to get awesome eye-catching banners and promo materials from them for use which will just boost your conversion rates beyond imagination.

That was about it, but that’s ofcourse not all that Tesla themes has to offer you. This is just like the icing on the cake, once you explore into it you’re definitely going to fall in love with it.

How to Boost Sales?

Well it’s not that hard, infact it’s not hard at all. You just need to know which methods are working, and implement them.

I’d just share some of my methods which have proven to work for me over the years.

Writing Reviews:-

Well yeah, the one thing I absolutely do about any affiliate program I join is, write an honest, unbiased review on it. Then with a blend of SEO and other flavors in it, it ranks on Google, gets me enough traffic, and all I need is couple sales to drive couple hundred dollars to my bank account every day or week maybe.

Promotional Emails:-

If you’ve been in this industry long enough, you have an email list for sure, huh? Guess what, nothing converts better.

Your Email subscribers know and trust you, so there’s absolutely no excuse for not promoting to them something as awesome as Tesla Themes!

Well the conversion rate is going to be high anyway because the products are well-established, and Tesla just has “quality” there’s no doubt about that. So yeah if you got a list, getting couple sales won’t be a problem!

Don’ts with Tesla Themes Affiliate Program:-

Tesla Themes is offering you literally a money making machine, huh? But well you don’t get unrestricted leeway and do whatever you wish to.

And I’d say those are totally necessary. They need to maintain quality and trust huh? They can’t just allow almost anything that even comes close to ruining their trust or reputation,right?

So make sure you don’t indulge yourself in any of the following activities and you should be good to go:-

  • No EMD’s:- Well if you’re thinking you’ll just buy a domain name that sounds something like:- Teslathemesdiscount.com or Teslathemesreviews.com it just won’t work. In simple English, you aren’t allowed to use Tesla Themes brand keyword in your domains or PPC campaigns.
  • Ah, did I just say PPC campaigns? Just totally forget it. Promoting Tesla Themes Affiliate Program through them is just so not allowed.
  • Ah and then for the last. Don’t even think of “I need a theme, I’ll just buy using my link and save the commissions”! It won’t work anyway, and you aren’t allowed to do that either.

Just keep those basics in mind and I don’t suppose you’ll have problems making couple thousand dollars every month, passively!

Still waiting? For what? Go out and join TeslaThemes Affiliate Program right now, now one knows when they close free signups, huh?

  1. Hi mam
    Yeah. you are right.
    The Teslathemes affiliate program is great and amazing as it is giving 50% of commission.
    As you said who else is giving such high commission is a bit provoking. THere are companies giving more than 70% as commission. I would love to blog about and promote teslathemes in future.
    Have a great day ahead.