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It’s Time To Hire A DevOps Consultant



Developing software is a rigorous task. It takes a lot of time and efforts. Coding, developing, testing and what not! One of the biggest issue with software development is staffing developer operations also known as DevOps. DevOps is a support function and doesn’t make sellable products, yet it is an integral part of the business.

Work Of A DevOps Consultant

The DevOps Consultant is a person well versed in the field of software development. They are like the special task force of an organization. They are the perfect combination of technical prowess and years of technical in hand experience. They are well aware of the consequences of their actions. A company hires the DevOps consultant to help theirs with their ongoing project.

Life Without DevOps

As a small startup company, the budget is tight, and there is hardly any provision for hiring DevOps consultants. Full-stack developers had to work on a platform. Infrastructure stays static and once it is set up the serveris to be created manually. The developments are also manual. All the efforts stay focused on building the product.

Reasons for Hiring A DevOps Consultant

The work of a DevOps Consultant is to keep an active collaboration between the software developer and all another supporting cast of information technology professionals such as network administrator, DBAs, security specialists and system programmers. According to a statistics a U.S. insurance company reduced the system downtime by 70 percent and quality of application code is increased to 50 percent by using devops. A bank in Holland reduced the development time by 60 percent using devops. This will reduce a lot of cost during software development.

Like clouds and virtualization, different people understand different things by the term DevOps. This is why it is very important to know the vision for DevOps within you own company also how you want to make use of it before you do the hiring. In some cases, it is mainly a cultural change in IT. It gets people of different IT disciplines to work collaboratively, to provide them a DevOps tool. In some other cases, it is automation, DevOps goal is to automate IT process to speed up the development process.

Things to look for

Now you must be wondering, what are the things you need to take care of before hiring a DevOps consultant?

  •    Right Skills: A DevOps consultant needs to have diverse skill sets. It is hard to find all the qualities rolled up in one person. They should communicate and interact well with other and ultimately values the project.
  •    Seek Right Attitude: Having the right attitude and approach to the assigned project is very essential. That consultant should be available anytime during the development process and find a solution to problems without any delay.
  •    Don’t Geographically Limit Yourself: Large companies look for talents worldwide. Relocating is often discouraging for small startups. Nevertheless, you should not limit yourself geographically; always hire the best in class DevOps consultant because they will help you reduce the development cost eventually.



The Bottomline

It is not going to be easy to find a DevOps consultant as many other companies looking for the same person, but the manpower is limited. You have to pay quite a hefty amount to get the top talents for your company in this process, and it might take several months to get the right person on board. However, companies should hire DevOps who are ideal in every way. That is why you can also look for universities and colleges around you too to find new talents. So begin your search to get the best talent for your company.

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