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iPhone X Plus? Leak of 2019 Model?



Everyone was delighted at the release of the iPhone X as the phone came with great features that have separated it from the design convention applied on its predecessors. It was unveiled when Apple was celebrating 10 years since the first iPhone was unveiled. Many reviewers and buyers alike have vented their opinions on the phone, and it seems it has scored better to deserve the high price tag that starts at $1,000.

Experts like Noelle Neff have also had a moment to scrutinize the features of the iPhone X and shared their opinions. What is now not clear is whether Apple will consider releasing the iPhone X Plus and as rumors hint there is a possibility of such a phone come 2019. If you have always wanted to know about the iPhone X Plus, here is some information that you might want to use.

Larger LCD Screen

Apple said the iPhone X will come in 5.8-inch and 6-inch display variations. The iPhone X recently released features a 5.8-inch screen, which means most likely the 6-inch variation of the phone will feature in the iPhone X Plus. What is more interesting is the iPhone X Plus is likely to come with an LCD display unlike the OLED that currently features on the phone.

Although the rumor keenly focused on the OLED versions of the iPhone X Plus, reports have suggested that Apple will ditch the current screen size for a larger display, which is most likely going to be the 6.46 inches version people are talking about. There is expected to be two models of the Plus with one having an OLED screen and the other an LCD display that will measure 6 inches or more.

While citing local parts makers, reviewers found that Apple offered panel orders for the Plus model to Samsung Display, which has been its sole supplier of OLED. But even amid these revelations there are also reports that Apple had signed a deal with Japan Display to supply LCD iPhone screens through 2018, which hints to the possibility of having the iPhone X Plus featuring an LCD display. The phone is expected to get to the market in 2019 as more work is to be put into building it.

Processor configuration and features

Although the display type of the iPhone X Plus will be different, Apple is going to still patch the A11 Bionic chip on the iPhone X Plus model. However, there is expected to be some more tweaks to distinguish the phone from its predecessor, just like has been the case with other Plus models of the iPhone. Additionally, the camera system is set for improvement, and this is despite the fact the iPhone is currently having the best camera configuration ever.



But when such additional features are made for the iPhone X Plus, you also expect the price to jump up. Rumors suggest the iPhone X Plus will come with a starting price of $1,999, which is the highest ever in the iPhone series. The wireless charging system will be retained and probably the phone will have a much longer battery life. A larger screen and an all-screen display system means a better experience while streaming your favorite videos or If you have been looking to acquire an iPhone X, you might want to learn more about the upcoming releases of the Plus model, which is set to touch the market in 2019.

Be alert as more information about the planned release gets out. Apple is now at a stage of planning for the upgrades and when the decision to come up with certain models the information will be shared with clarity.

Noelle Neff is a professional photographer covering niche markets. She graduated from the University of Miami and is based in the same city. Noelle Neff is also a renowned blogger on topics such as photography and travel. You can also find some of her shots at various online stock photo sites.

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