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Is iPhone 7 Worth Spending Big Bucks



iPhone is one of those phones which everybody wants to own. Apple develops and releases a new version of an iPhone every year and 2017 is the year for the iPhone 7. It is as usual heavy on pockets for the middle class junta but is a dream model for more or else everyone around the world.

The latest iPhone 7 (32 GB) is worth Rs 46,990 in India. And the question remains still the same- Is it really worth spending such money? Well, it certainly does have various upgradable features and it functions as smoothly as an iPhone should do, so, let’s try and find out more about it.

Apple iPhone 7:

Apple iPhone 7 was launched in September 2016 which much hype. At the time of the launch of iPhone 7, the model with 32 GB internal memory space was worth more than Rs 60,000. It is available in various colours like Black, Silver, Rose gold and gold.

iPhone 7 was launched with 32 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB storage variants with the new Jet-Black version is only available in 128 GB and 256 GB memory space.

The new iPhone 7 have 4.7 HD display with 3D touch, A10 fusion processor which faster than the previous iPhones, 12-megapixel camera with two tone LED Flash with various other amazing features.


  • 4.7-inch touch screen display
  • Screen resolution:  750 x 1334 Pixels
  • The Apple iPhone 7 has iOS 10 with quad core Apple A10 Fusion Processor
  • 12-megapixel primary camera and 7-megapixel front selfies shooting camera
  • It comes with a non-removable battery which could last upto 14 hours
  • Available with 32 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB storage space without expandable memory
  • It has fingerprint service, barometer, icloud service, audio/video/photo editor and various other features.


  • iPhone 7 comes with few upgradable services and features that iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S. One of those upgraded features is its camera as iPhone 7 has 12 megapixels which has 6 element lens construction.

The camera quality provides better, sharper and steadier picture even during low   light. The front facing camera of iPhone 7 comes with a 7-megapixel selfie camera which a quite an improvement from iPhone 6 and 6S’s only 1.2-megapixel facetime camera.

  • The iOS 10 operating system is more usable and smoother than the iPhone 6. The touch sensitive technology is better in the latest version of this Apple phone. Even when the phone is locked, ne can preview the emails and other messages by just touching the ‘notification’.

It also has the special features where one can go to the additional option by just pressing on control centre icons

  • Unlike iPhone 6 and 6S, that had the minimum storage option of 16 GB, 7 starts with the 32 GB memory space and directly jumps to 128 GB and then 256 GB. While the IPhone 6 only had 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB and maximum upto 128 GB option.
  • The smartphone comes with a special feature as it has become a water-resistant phone.

According to the reports, it can be submerged in upto 1 metre of water for more than 30 minutes. So, if you want to upgrade your photography skills, buy iPhone 7 and brush up your underwater photography without worrying about ruining its camera or the processor.


  • One of the biggest downside of buying Apple iPhone 7 is that it comes without a headphone jack. Instead, Apple has designed this model which is apt for the lightening port or the wireless connections. The smartphone comes with a pair of lightening ear pods which could be connected to lightening adapter and makes the process quite complicated for its users.
  • Another problem with iPhone 7 is the issue with its home button. The home button has been swapped with the new digital version. This software based button works exactly the same like the previous home buttons for older iPhone models, but it is very difficult to understand for the new users and creates hassle and complications for everyone.
  • The regular users of the iPhone expected to have a better battery backup for iPhone 7 than iPhone 6 and 6S, but what they actually got was worst. Even though the battery capacity of the phone is better with 1960 mAh than iPhone 6’s 1810 mAh, there is no specific improvement in its long battery life back up.

The price of the models depends upon the storage memory of the model. However, the new iPhone was launched with the relatively high price of Rs 60,000 and has since, toned down to Rs 46,200 which is still expensive compared to the older models of iPhone series.

Critic Reviews

  • CNET: According to the experts of CNET reviewers, the smartphone has both good and bad qualities. The good thing about this phone is its upgraded front and primary camera which has new feature like optical image stabilization, better megapixel; they also praised its new water resistant features along with faster processor and slightly better battery life. However, they criticised that it has no headphone jack; lack of home button and the shiny jet-black version of the phone get scratches easily.
  • NDTV Gadgets: The experts from the NDTV Gadgets praised the new added water resistant feature of the phone. They were impressed by the improvement of the rear and especially the front camera of the phone as iPhone is extremely popular for its Facetime app. They also mentioned the craze for the launch of two new colours of the iPhone 7. The NDTV Gadgets critics its lack of battery improvement as promised and the easily scratched back covers.

So, is it worth it?

iPhone 7 has a notable camera, water resistant feature and slightly better battery life. Even though with the minor setback like lack of headphone jack and home button, both of which have a replaceable options, the new IPhone 7 is definitely worthwhile to be upgraded from the older version of your iPhone.

The smart phone is worth every penny of your earning, if you are planning to buy a new high budget phone.

Offer Price

You can buy iPhone 7 Black 128 GB with 13% off at Rs 56,499 only on Flipkart.

The EMI for this product starts at Rs 1,932 which could be split into various moths according to your preference.

Using the given flipkart mobile offers, you can avail extra 5% off on paying with you Axis Bank Credit card online and even get flat Rs 8,701 off on Apple iPhone 7, until the stock lasts.

Apple always comes with amazing features and functions in its smartphones. The new iPhone7 is bigger, better and worthy of your money in many ways. It provides you camera which can giver competition to a DLSR and comes with a new features like air pod and water resistant. Apple has also launched two latest colours- jet black and limited red version, exclusively for iPhone 7. This phone is you best option if your budget is above. So, don’t waste time and hurry buy it fast!

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