New App from Adobe

iPad Designers have a New App from Adobe

How many users work in their iPads for designing splendid websites, prints and apps? It doesn’t matter how many do, because Adobe thinks more than enough do. It released Comp CC targeting those specific designers who rely on their iPad. The software allows users to take their artworks to production level.

It can aptly be considered as the app that allows designers to give a tangible shape to their creative ideas, especially when they are on the go. In other words, you will be able to start with the design process on your iPad when you are away from a desktop, and transfer it to the PC and continue with the process using more advanced tools like Adobe Photoshop. Comp CC allows you to move your designs to Adobe Cloud.

New App from Adobe

There are a series of gestures that instruct the app to translate into certain layout elements. Moving the different shapes, frames and text placeholders is easy. You can switch between the drawing and editing mode as and when required, and move all these elements around whenever you want.


The Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries is a comprehensive repository of assets taken from all the leading Adobe applications, both mobile and desktop. Comp CC’s edit mode allows you to access these libraries.

The advantage of using Comp CC is that it will also provide a preview to the final outcome. This can be seen as much more than drawing the basic layouts. It will include images, shapes and colour theme created using Colour CC.

This can also be seen as a major project for Adobe. It was first showcased at the Adobe MAX 2014, when the prototype was named as Project Layup. According to reports Adobe had been working on Comp CC for the last two years.

  1. Adobe is a software suites of graphic design, video editing, and web development applications and etc.