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Introduction & 5 Eye Catching Features of Android M (Preview)

Android M Introduction:

After months of expectation, Google has launched the Android M developer preview version. It was launched at Google I/O 2015 in San Francisco. In third quarter of 2015 the operating system will be launched publically. You can install it starting today, on Nexus 5, 6, 9, or player devices.

The current version of Android is ‘Android Lollipop’. Let’s have a check out about the new eye catching features of ‘Android M’.

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Android M Logo

Android M Logo

Fingerprint Authentication

Fingerprint support is first time introducing in the Android operating system in ‘Android M’. If fingerprint scanner is available in your phone then you can use your fingerprint in place of password, PIN or pattern lock. That means with new Android operating system, your phone is going to be more secure.

App Permissions

Now users have more control over the App permissions. It is a newly introduced and effective feature of Android M. Permission was one of the biggest problem in Android.

In the new operating system, permissions will work like iOS (Apple).

You can install an app without giving it a group of permissions. If an App is to use your front camera, then it will have to ask you for permissions.

You can also disallow that app to not use the front camera. So users will have more control over App permissions in Android M.

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Direct Share

Android already offers the cool option of sharing. But in Android M a new feature is introduced with the name of ‘Direct share’. Direct Share provides quick links to users to share messages with specific person through specific app.

 Android Pay

Google has not given more clarifications about Android Pay, but it will be new feature of Android M. Users can pay in easier way using this new feature. Users can also unlock payment using their fingerprint. But it is not yet clear that Android Pay will interact with Google wallet or not or it will entirely take the place of Google wallet. This new feature is a direct answer to Apple Pay from Google’s archrival.

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Doze for Better Battery

In Android M, Google is going to introduce a blanket feature, called Doze, that will take processes into its own hands. It will do so by sending devices into a “deeper sleep” mode when they are not in use, but for a small amount of time. It will detect this time, using motion sensors. It will work truly as its name suggests. Dozing devices can still respond to high-priority messages, when they are also in deep sleep mode.

Google said that during tests on Nexus, the device’s battery lasted double the time using Doze.

So above I have briefly introduced you to Android M, and I have described the 5 eye catching features of Android M. Wait for the launching of Lollipop’s successor publically so that we can have access to these awesome features. We can soon expect other major brands to start offering OTA’s for the new OS.