Interview with Multitalented Personality Zac Johnson, a super affiliate, writer, and public speaker by profession

Affiliate marketing has gone leaps and bounds in recent years and will face more or less changes in coming years too. But, we have a person who is not so perturbed of these changes. Maybe he already has a magic wand designed to meet his purpose.

My dear readers please welcome super personality Zac Johnson who is an established and successful affiliate and online entrepreneur since his adolescence.

I intentionally used the prefix ‘super’ before his name instead of calling him a super affiliate.

One really has to be super in his attitude, approach, and of course fortitude to achieve this feat which Zac enjoys now.

He is an active contributor to two prime blogs and apart of several others.

You can read his interview below to realize the strategies you must adopt to take your online business to an upper level.

Zac Johnson


Q1. Please introduce yourself with few lines.

  A. My name is Zac Johnson and I’ve been an entrepreneur at heart since birth and have been making money online since 1995. Today I run several top sites and blogs while also helping other people discover how to make money online in the process.


Q2. Zac, how do you feel when someone says you are a super affiliate? Do you feel you have achieved everything or there is still more to come?

A. The phrase “Super Affiliate” is a nice one to have, but it’s something that just kind of stuck from back in the days when the term was used a lot more. Not many people refer to online marketers as super affiliates anymore. The definition of a super affiliate is someone that delivers the majority of leads to an ad network or affiliate program. With so much more competition and business taking place on the internet today, it’s hard to fall into the “super affiliate” status, though it is always nice to hear and be referenced as.


Q3. How do you rate success in terms of money?

A. The honest answer is that money really doesn’t matter that much. It’s important to buy stuff and live a life of financial freedom, but it’s not the end and be all of everything.


Q4. Your post that titled “How I Made $860,538.38 Profit in 4 Months” on your blog was a huge success. Of course you shared your real experience but I feel the kudos go to your title which lures readers about money making. Please correct, if I am wrong!

A. Thanks, appreciate it. Of course, it’s all about creating compelling link bait titles that get attention. Besides the title, the post is actually a really good content piece that has some great info and stats on it… but how many people would have read it if it was titled “How I made a lot of money in 4 months” J


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Q5. How did you feel when you earned your first dime at the age of 15?

A. I got started at an early age and it was really really fun back then, especially when being in high school and making 4-5 figures per month. I still have the same passion for online business today that I did back then, but back in those days it was really quite amazing to think back to how it was versus what it is today.


Q6. How do you interlink content and affiliate marketing?

A. When creating ad campaigns or content for affiliate marketing purposes, it’s all about engagement and giving people exactly what they want. If someone is searching for product reviews in Google, make it easy for them to buy or take action once they get to your site.

You can actually do this the complete opposite a well, which would be placing ads right in the face of a generic audience. At the end of the day it all comes down to conversions and cost/profit testing.


Q7. Of the two, which one leads you to success in less time?

A. Without a doubt, running ad campaigns will make you the most money and at the fastest rate. However, it’s also going to cost you money to run ad campaigns as well… and there is no guarantee you will find success and profit.


Q8. What are the things the beginners in affiliate marketing should be careful about?

A. When getting started with affiliate marketing, be sure to start small and test everything. It’s easy to read stories online of how so many people are making money… but it’s all the failures that you never see or read about.


Q9. Which are the ‘must-have’ tools for beginners as well as affiliate experts you  suggest?

A. Beginner affiliates will need to invest in building out their own landing pages, tracking urls and split testing, understanding and mastering their traffic source and knowing how to track campaign performance, ROI and how to increase conversions.


Q10. Passion rules over the money; do you think there is no end point to passion? Is there a saturation point?

A. Everyone says it’s all about passion, which is mostly true – but you still need a business plan and way to make money. You can write about your passion all day, but if there is no business model there you are just wasting your time and effort.


Q11. Why did you choose affiliate marketing to go with?

A. Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online because you can create ad campaigns however you like, you don’t need to deal with products or customers and the industry still isn’t that saturated. You can jump from offer to offer or even a new niche industry if you like. So many different ways to make money with affiliate marketing.


Q12. Given a choice now, will you alter your pick?

A. Affiliate marketing is still great, but I am focusing my efforts on building new brands and businesses now, such as, which helps teach people how to build a blog and monetize their audience through affiliate marketing and product creation.


Q13.What are the criteria you look for while adopting a website?

A. Find out what you are good at and stick with it. I’m good at business and online marketing, so those are the industries I’m going to focus most of my efforts.


Q14. What are the major factors to look out for in coming years which may affect  affiliate marketing both positively and negatively?

A. Be on the look out for different regulations and new laws coming out (depending on your country). This will affect affiliate marketing across the board – however, it’s not going anywhere.


Q15. If I start from the scratch now, will I be able to enjoy the ‘super’ status like  you?

A. No one should try and make $100 or $1 million over night. Everyone’s success is different than others. Remember… I started in 1995, but my $800,000 in 4 months story was from 2006. I made a lot of money in between there, but it was all about scaling campaigns and my business over time.


Q16. Is there any money making advice for me and my readers? Which tools/ plugins do you recommend?

A. Check out to learn the basics and most advanced stages of building and scaling your business with affiliate marketing and product creation. At the end of the day it’s all about creating a business model that provides value and gives people what they want.


My Words:-

That was quite a piece of information. Am I right readers? I thank Zac from my heart for spending his precious time on these questions and speaking off his chest.

I also thank the readers who found this interview worthy enough to spend time on.

  1. Hi Nisha and Zack

    Thank you for inviting a super affiliate marketer. His insights on affiliate marketing are great and I learnt a from the interview.

    Zac I love the advice you to beginners who wish to start affiliate marketing. It is good to test and experiment to know what works and what needs to be discarded. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Awesome, thanks for the interview! Thanks for checking out the interview too Ikechi!

  3. Hi Zac – and good to know more about you at Nisha’s blog 🙂

    Yes, you are SO well known as the rightly termed ‘super affiliate’ and I’ve read many of your posts and heard your webinars too – each one has been a source of learning for everyone.

    Many congratulations on your new project (the new blog) as you mentioned – that’d be teaching people and training them to be better at affiliate marketing. You are right…we all have our own journey’s to travel and there is no one fit solution for anyone, but everyone can easily make some progress with affiliate marketing.

    Thanks for sharing more about Zac with us Nisha. Have a nice weekend, both of you 🙂

  4. I must say a big thank you for inviting this popular and super affiliate marketer for an interview. His insights on affiliate marketing has yielded great results over the years, he is one person that inspired me into blogging to and that is why he is in my blog as one of my mentors, I admire him so much.
    Zac I trully love and appreciate all the advice you have made available to beginners like us who wish to start affiliate marketing. I remain loyal SIR!!!

  5. Hey Nisha and Zac,

    Great interview the creator of the rise of entrepreneur over here full of lessons.

    I have picked one or two things from here.

    Thank you for bringing Zac to teach us all these.

    Take care

  6. Hi Nisha Ma’m & Zac,

    Great interview Thank you for inviting a super affiliate marketer. His insights on affiliate marketing are great and I learnt a from the interview Good Work , Best Of Luck ,


  7. A big of the internet marketing, Nisha.
    Good to see Zac featured here.
    Very inspirational..

    Thanks for the share.

  8. Hi Nisha

    First of all a big congratulation on sharing another wonderful blog interview post with a gem of online marketing as you last time flabbergasted all by having at your blog another online genius Neil Patel.

    I remember once I read somewhere about Zac that he got his huge level of success after trying several hundreds times into different online ventures and finally achieved the height of success with his passion, consistency and obviously proper planning.

    All the questions you crafted are very pertinent and people really wanted to know about him as you made him speak on “what is the future scope of affiliate marketing” and “is passion sufficient to become a successful blogger”.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this very very inspirational post.

  9. Hi Zac,

    I am a big fan of yours and check your blog on regular basis ( The best thing i like about them is their simple and non complicated approach to some of the popular Seo methods.

    One thing, which I particularly liked in this interview was Super Zac point on making money. Most of the bloggers want to grow rich in 5-6 months. They go for an outrageous goal and when they don’t achieve it they go away. Or they start confusing their blogs with some unnecessary advertisements to sway their loyal readers away. I am glad he mentioned that it took you 11 years to really make it BIG in terms of money through this medium. This depicts regular hard work and discipline, which are key attribute to success in any field.

  10. Hey Zak, enjoyed your interview.

    You hit home for me with a lot of your affiliate marketing answers. If I’ve learned anything it’s that affiliate marketing isn’t as easy as it looks and there are strategies you need to look at and use carefully.

    All your points are well taken and thanks for the great advice.


  11. Hi Nisha and Zac,

    I was thinking to focus on affiliate marketing these days and I found this interview of super affiliate by an email update by Nisha madam. I tell you what, this is what I was looking for, the perfect inspiration. Thank you Zac and thank you Nisha madam!

    Have a nice weekend!

  12. Hi Nisha,
    Good to be here again.
    Thanks for the notification via fb. 🙂
    Yet another wonderful personality is interviewed
    Well done!
    Zac is a unique in this arena.
    Well questioned and well answered
    Thanks Zac for your time here with Nisha and her readers.
    Keep going
    Good Wishes 🙂
    ~ Philip Ariel

  13. Hi Zac and hello Nisha,
    This interview series is good enough to give a basic insight of what business and marketing in blogging. I am glad I got to read this. I have read numerous posts of THE “Zac Jhonson” and I lave this one too.

    I agree advertising can cost you bucks but they give high returns too. Seldom do we see an ad campaign fail, right?
    When it comes to affiliate marketing there is no one better than you and thanks Nisha for featuring Zac here.

    Well done and have a great weekend 🙂

  14. Hi Nisha and Zac,

    That was an awrsome one, Zac’s success story is a great motivator to those who want to make it online apart from affiliate marketing.

    It was a shock when I saw how he made $ 4-5 figure at the age of 15 back in high school, It reminds me of my high school days when I and my best friend then “Donald” ran wapsites, we cloned apps, not really clonning though it was more of editing people work then and upload it for download 🙂 though I didn’t make alot of money from that, but it was all fun anyway.

    This ia quiet a wonderful interview with Zac, I’m glad I came across it.

    Thanks to Nisha and Zac

    Happy Sunday too 🙂

  15. Hi Nisha,

    Thanks for this interview with Zac, I read his blog quite often and no doubt about it, Zac really knows affiliate marketing like the back of his palm.

    The best lesson for me in this interview is this line, “Beginner affiliates will need to invest in building out their own landing pages”.

    From experience, landing pages is one of the biggest obstacles beginners bloggers in generating quality leads. You can just put a page and call it landing pages, it has to be good and ready to do the job, otherwise, lots of money will be left on the table.

    Thanks Nisha, and many of it to Zac for granting this interview so we can learn one or two from him.

  16. Hi Nisha,

    Really worthy interview which will definitely helpful to the beginners. And it is so interesting bcoz it is all about Zac and his expedition.

    I too started my blog as fully affiliate oriented… then I realise that without building traffic it is waste of time. So affiliate marketing is more profitable if and if you have a decent traffic to your blog.

    Thanks for the wonderful article and all the very best.

    Prasanna LP

  17. Worth reading interview. Zach Johnson is a great name in the blogging industry, luckily had a few couple of chats with him, charming and friendly personality.

    Your questions were good Nisha Mam, in fact these were the common questions ever newbie blogger wants to ask to the pros in the field.

    Thanks for sharing, it was inspirational, keep writing 🙂

  18. Hi Ikechi,

    Thanks for visiting this article. I am glad that enjoyed the article and found useful too.

    Yes, Zac has given some great advice here which is useful for all of us. I would also love to implement on the same.

    Thanks again for stopping by here. Enjoy your weekend!

  19. Hello Harleena Mam,

    Yes, there is no doubt that he is “super affiliate marketer”. This word suits best with his name. I have also visited some of his webinars. All’re really awesome and inseparable.

    I would also love to read on his new blog. You are so true here that everyone can grow with affiliate marketing. It depends on our hard work done.

    Thanks you so much for coming by and share your wonderful thoughts with us. Enjoy your weekend!

  20. Hi Oleyede,

    Glad to hear that you liked the interview and learned something from here.

    Thanks for coming by. Have a blessed week ahead!