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Interview with Young Talent Harsh Agrawal – Founder of ShoutMeLoud

I am so glad to have someone young and energetic with us today, who is a leading name in the Blogging industry.

Today, we have Harsh Agrawal, who is a professional blogger who runs an award winning blog call ShoutMeLoud. He is the guy who is helping bloggers around the globe, and one of the inspiration for all the upcoming bloggers.

His blog ShoutMeLoud consists of broader topics like WordPress, Affiliate marketing, SEO, and most importantly making money from a blog.

Let’s read what top blogger from India has to say about his experience, journey, and of course tips to beginners.

Harsh Agarwal

Harsh: Hey Nisha,

Thanks for inviting me on your popular blog and it’s an honour to be here. I’m not much of an interview guy, but your questions compelled me to be a part of it. Let’s get on with the interview and Hi to all the readers who are reading it.

1. How do you introduce yourself as a techie in 21st century?

Hey there,

I’m Harsh Agrawal, an Engineer by education and a blogger by profession. I live an internet life, that means I make a living out of the internet (Blogging to be precise). I completed my engineering in 2008 (Sharda University, Agra), and I started blogging just after completing my degree.

Today I can proudly say, I’m my own boss and I have complete freedom when it comes to work. In fact, I never felt blogging as a work, it’s something which I enjoy doing and is a passion for me.

I started blogging in 2008 with ShoutMeLoud which is now an award winning blog, empowering millions of users from globe to learn blogging, make money online, and give financial freedom.

2. Wishing you a very happy married life forever. What was the first driving factor that pushed you towards blogging?

I was always inclined towards the internet as knowledge always fascinates me.

I’m a learner and at the same time I love to share what I have learned.

I started blogging to share whatever things I have learned over the time and later on it become my profession.

3. Did you feel little awkward when you changed your field from Engineering to Blogging?

Not at all, in fact, this is the best thing that happened to me. When I was studying engineering (Sharda university), I never wanted to get a job or work for a company. In fact, I was not a student who loves books, I was more of a guy who wanted to learn something out of the books. Well I always emphasise in the practical way of teaching, and since in India it’s not possible, I did it all myself. I learned about Linux, Social engineering and many more things in my past-time in the college.

One thing which I had in my mind that I will always start something of my own and that’s why I declined the job offer from Accenture and choose blogging as my profession. It was a tough decision to make back on 2009, but I’m glad I took that risk .

4. Do you feel contented about the decision made apart from your commercial success?

Nisha, When I started blogging I was not aware of commercial factor of the blog.  I had no idea that there is something call Adsense or Affiliate marketing which I can use to make money from the blog.

It all started as a passion and later on when I learned about making money from the blog, it was icing on the cake. In fact, it gave me the freedom to follow my passion without a second thought.

5. So, you have some basic skills to win irrespective of locations. Could you pinpoint those to our readers or wanna-be bloggers?

The very first thing which I would like to suggest from my experience is : Follow your own dreams. Everyday you will find someone who will tell you what not to do or what to do. It’s because they never did it and they think you can’t do it too. The thing is, those people are suggesting you something based on their experience. More over, they want you to have a safe and secure future, which is tested millions of time around us. Are they right? ( This is what you have to decide).

To give you an example, my elder brother always wanted me to work for corporations and do blogging as a part-time, as he always learned that job gives you security.

Was he wrong? I don’t think so! But my gut feeling told me to do something which I believed in.

There is a little chicken inside everyone and before you are about to do something great, they will warn you and that creates fear inside. They are not wrong, but they are not as brave as you are.

The first thing which you would like to lose from yourself is the FEAR and start believing in yourself. Because it’s only you who know what you are capable of. Remember, success comes to those; who are willing to take risk.

One important thing which I would suggest for your reader is: Start early and don’t wait for tomorrow.

Learn everyday: To be successful in any niche/job or field you need to have an open mind and open for learning. Learn a new thing every day and acquire new skills every few months.

Do something which your job doesn’t allow, as when you see your world from outside view, you would know what else you can do to make it larger.

6. What led you chose your blog name ShoutMeLoud?

That’s one of my favourite question because there is an interesting story behind it. It took me about 7 days to decide this domain name and the idea for domain-name came out of nowhere.

When I was deciding upon the domain name, I wanted it to be unique and memorable. I was researching on the name for few days.What ever name came into my mind, I used to note it down on a  notepad.

One day while I was travelling, I saw a billboard which has a word “Shout” and that’s how the name Shout-Me-Loud clicked into my head. Luckily name was available.

7. Do you think digital marketing has that potential to change the way businesses operate further?

Digital marketing is already changing the way businesses operate.

In today’s era a business is not only about making sales, it has become their duty to connect with their buyers, customers and social media platform has become the right channel.

Blogs are helping them to create awareness about their product and SEO is helping them to get more customers and prospects.

Digital marketing is already leading all traditional marketing and soon no business can survive without a digital strategy.

8. People have become lazy due to these technological innovations, don’t you think so?

What I would say technology is making people smart and for the Lazy part: Lazy people will always stay Lazy.

Now on your thumb you have all the information you need to survive, live and grow.

It’s up to the user how they are using it.

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9. What tools do you advise one blogger should adopt and make best use of them?

  • Zite: This is a content discovery app for Android and iOS. As I said above learning is a continuous process, and using Zite you can discover useful content related to the topic you are interested in.
  • oDesk: If you are someone who is starting his life online and working alone, make the most out of oDesk. You can find people who can do work for you at the cheapest price possible. Do remember, your time is money.

10. What are some of your best tips for beginners in the field of blogging?

Learn basics of writing:

Most important thing you want to spend your initial days with is learning to write. Writing is a continuous process and you will become better when you write regularly. Along with writing, read about how to write better as it will help you to improve every day.


Best of the traffic comes to your blog when it’s organic. SEO (Search engine optimization) is one of the best thing that you can learn today which will help you throughout your online career. Along with SEO do learn about user-experience. A well optimised blog is one, which is loved by search engine as well as by your readers.

Email marketing: 

Create your email list from day one, as people in your email list are the one you can reach out anytime. On Social media platform you don’t have control who will see the content and most of the time they won’t see the content shared by you on FB, Twitter and other platform. Email is one thing which everyone (Including you and me) check every day and your real asset online is your Email list.

Learn about how to write a magnetic headline and how to increase open rates of Email. Use Aweber or Mailchimp instead of Feedburner.

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11. What is your own success mantra?

I think the only thing which makes me going is my urge to learn more and improve myself. Every day I learn something new and at the same time I share it with people. Instead of trying to sound like an expert or something more, I prefer in K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple stupid).

One thing which I would recommend to you and to your reader is meditate. We are living in the world where we have time for everything but not for ourselves. Meditation connects you with yourself and you will have a clear mind with every meditation session.

If you have never done it before, I suggest you to download this app call “Headspace” and meditate only for 10 minutes every day. I’m sure you would come back to thank me for suggesting this app.

12. Which are the fields that one must master on, before entering blogging?

  • Writing
  • SEO
  • Social media marketing
  • Online and offline Networking.

13. And the last, do you feel complete as a human being after choosing to direct your career and life towards this direction?

Honestly, I never feel complete, because If I feel complete I would stop running and stop thriving for learning more. For now, All I can say is “I feel content”.

Thanks for the lovely questions and an announcement for your readers. I’m launching a professional blogging course in the coming week and you can be the first one to get advantage of this.

You can pre-subscribe here to get pre-launch discount: http://shoutuniversity.com

My Turn:-

Bonus Coverage:- 

This is the video, Harsh Agarwal has done for the Pakistan Entrepreneur community (He is the first Indian person to get such invited by Pakistan entrepreneur community for such honour), and I’m sure you would learn a lot of things from his video:

Well, there is no end to the online blogging as the creativity and passion blend up well every time you think of presenting new to your readers.

I am particularly glad to open myself up through these queries and I thank my readers for devoting their time to read this coverage.

Do let me know what have you learned from this interview? Don’t forget to share it with you friends on Facebook and Google plus.

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