Adam Connell - Interview

An Open Interaction with Adam Connell from BloggingWizard

Blogging is seen like a common assignment that every individual is accustomed to in 21st century.

Yet, there are some persons out there who do it in style, thereby welcoming success to their urn of achievements.

They are experts, giants, whatever you say. And we have one among them with us today, Adam Connell, owner of

Adam Connell - Interview

  1. Hi Adam, I welcome you to share your views with our Dear readers. I am so thankful to you for sparing your precious time with us. Could you brief about yourself please?

Thanks Nisha.

I’m currently a full-time blogger. Before leaving the 9-5 life I was the operations manager for a marketing agency based in the UK. I’m the founder of Blogging Wizard where I share plenty of actionable blogging tips and WP Superstars which is a newer project focused on simplifying WordPress for everyone.

I’m also working on two new projects, Digital Velocity and Purcus.

  1. How did you recognize it was blogging that had been fuelling you to touch new heights in your life?

I had an unusual foray into the blogging world.

When I was at college, I got the idea into my head that just because I’d learned “how” to setup a small record label I could actually launch one and be successful.

I’d always enjoyed tinkering with websites from an early age so I thought it would be easy enough to create a website, create my own company, manage artists and promote them – all on my own.

One of my college lecturers was doing this on a small scale and doing quite well.

I spent a long time building the initial website but it just became way too time-consuming. I rushed the launch and ended up making a loss. I bit off more than I could chew.

At that point I decided to completely change my approach. I chatted with the artists I was working with and we agreed to release our music for free.

I needed a platform that would make it easy to create and update the website. After some research I found WordPress, at the time it was only really used for blogging but I immediately saw the potential.

Later on I started sharing release updates on the blog and after working on the promotion we started to get some traction.

In about 6 months we’d broken the 100,000 downloads mark.

I then immediately saw the potential of a blog and I was sold on the idea.

  1. Didn’t you feel shaky in the beginning? How did you handle the situation calmly?

Not at all, it was quite a surreal yet exciting feeling that I had when I first launched a blog.

Even after doing this for a good few years now, I still enjoy this as much as I did when I published my first ever post.


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  1. Which are the methods that worked best in your favor while munching success in blogging?Do you think one has to remain flexible while exercising with new methods every now and then?Which methods according to you will stay for long, really long in the course of blogging?

Blogging isn’t the same now as it was when I first started. The popularity of owning a blog has exploded and in turn competition has exploded too.

So you’ve got to be open to trying new tactics.

There are new tools and ideas surfacing every day so you need to do what you can to get ahead.

Generally the promotional channels we use (social/email/SEO/paid media) stay the same, but the way we use them and the specific tactics we utilize will always be changing.

The one promotional channel that has made the biggest difference for me has been email marketing – building an email list and using it to promote my content (I talk about what’s worked well for me in this post. It works but there are new tools (e.g. LeadPages) and new tactics being discovered all the time.

So being flexible and keeping your mind open to new ideas is essential.

The likes of email marketing, SEO and social media will be around for a long time to come.

Despite how a number of people have proclaimed that email marketing and SEO are dead, they’re not. Far from it in fact, they’ll be around for a good while longer.

  1. Being a writer and being a blogger; are these two different things?

Great question.

I think everyone will have a slightly different opinion on this.

Sure they involve doing something similar but while I’ve considered myself a blogger for a long time, I’ve never thought of myself as a writer – At least not in the traditional sense.

In a way they are different things.

You can be a writer and not be a blogger.

But if you’re a blogger, you’re a writer.

At the end of the day, it’s just a label and part of it comes down to how you see yourself. I’m more inclined to refer to myself as a blogger than a writer.

  1. I have also seen Bloggers selling their own products. What products they usually refer to? And how do they actually develop them?

I’ve seen bloggers release information products, software, plugins, themes, print books and more.

The development process varies but it all really starts with this question:

What problem is my audience facing and how can I solve it?

  1. Do you recommend blogging as a promising career for youngsters?

I’ve never been in a position to recommend blogging for youngsters but I think it can provide a unique and exciting career.

Although in this instance I’m talking about blogging for a brand rather than blogging for yourself.

I think it’s important to start off working for someone else (whether it’s in the marketing industry or in another industry), there’s so much that you learn from others and about the world in general.

There’s so much I learned before I left the 9-5 life that I wouldn’t trade for anything. And I think that’s important for everyone.

That said, it’s all VERY subjective and depends on the situation.


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  1. What is your mantra that has helped you sustain success irrespective of the severe competition out there today?

I wouldn’t really consider it a mantra but I think always think back to something John Paul Aguiar once said “write content in a way that only you can write”.

It’s important to pick a position and stick with it as much as possible.

So for example, on Blogging Wizard, my focus is on delivering detailed and actionable posts. Rather than short posts that don’t deliver much value.

I’ve stuck with that and ended up becoming known for writing detailed and well thought out posts.

  1. Are you driven by passion or money? Has not money been able to shift your focus lately?

Money is always going to be important and somewhat of a driving factor – we’ve all got bills to pay.

Ultimately I’m driven by passion.

I tend to spend more time helping others than focusing on increasing my revenue. That’s to my own detriment in a way but I enjoy helping others when I can.

10. Who would you credit your success to? How do you see yourself 5 years from now?

I’m most thankful to one of my lecturers from University, Carl Barton.

Together with an inspirational talk about marketing and the success of my record label (once I released music for free) combined to form a catalyst that has propelled me to where I am now.

In 5 years I hope to be doing exactly what I’m doing now, only having helped a lot more fellow bloggers.

11. Which areas do you think will face severe transformation in coming years?

SEO will probably see the most transformation, although it’s already seen a lot. Especially with the likes of updates like Penguin and Panda etc.

Plenty of bloggers and marketers are toeing the line but Google is continuing to pull the net in so we’ll see more and more people shift to giving Google what they want.

12. Blogging is directly proportional to content. What if content does not enjoy that importance in future?

Content will always be important in the future.

Only how we leverage it will change.

13. What is your best suggestion towards maintaining success in the world of blogging today?

There are plenty of things that are needed, which includes:

  • The drive to keep learning and developing your skills in everything blogging related.
  • Understanding what your goals are and how each promotional channel fits in.
  • Solid research using tools like BuzzSumo and SEMrush.
  • A focus on writing headlines that your audience loves.
  • Constantly seeking out new tactics and tools to promote your blog more effectively.
  • Committing yourself to producing the best possible content you can – consistently.


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14. What were the initial tools you adopted in your blogging venture? Which tools are your favorites at present?

I’m a big fan of the likes of BuzzSumo and SEMrush which I previously mentioned.

In addition tools like LeadPages have helped me tremendously. They make list building and creating landing pages extremely easy.

Then there are tools like Canva which have enabled me to create eye-catching images for my posts far quicker than ever before.

15. At last, what is your best advice for new entrants in the field of blogging? What is the basic thing they need to do to sustain the competition?

Soak up as much information as you can but don’t be afraid to try new things and go against the grain.

Tipping convention on its head in a way that makes sense can often be incredibly effective.

Find your voice and inject your personality into everything you do and you’ll have a good chance of carving out a slice of your niche.

Keep your blog tidy and focused but remember that everything you do doesn’t have to be perfect – done is better than perfect usually.


My words:-

I hope you must have enjoyed reading through Adam’s interview. I am glad that he shared many things directly from his experience.

There is so much to learn and yet overcome in the world of competition today.

My sincere thanks to Adam and all you readers for reading through this coverage.

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    It’s good to see you on Ma’am Nisha’s blog, you’ve said alot that can skyrocket ones blogging life, but I really do like the way you ended it here. Yoou said “Soak up as much information as you can but don’t be afraid to try new things and go against the grain.” that’s great.

    Ma’am Nisha, you’ve always amazed me with your interview series, and sure you too are a stuff, I can attest to that. You know what I mean 🙂

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  9. Have read Adam’s blog posts several times and I can say he is one of the finest bloggers in the blogosphere. Nice interview Nisha.

  10. Abrar Mohi Shafee

    Hi Nisha,

    He is one of my favorite bloggers and his blog is like a heaven to the digital marketers.

    I couldn’t even think, how fast he has grown him and his blog. I remember his blog when I first visited it while there was only 5-10 posts around.

    But now his blog is among the top class resources for bloggers and his writing style is out of words.

  11. Hi Nisha and Adam

    Thank you Nisha for inviting Adam who is an awesome blogger and is an inspiration in the Blogosphere.

    I love your points Adam and I was fascinated by your journey in blogging. I think you are right about being a blogger and writer as it is all about labels. Making money today in your blog means you must be open and try new things; this is true especially when blogging as you have mentioned is very competitive.

    Thanks for sharing your insight.

  12. Hi Nisha,

    I really liked this interview with Adam. It was really good to connect with him at this level and learn his thoughts and opinions.

    I especially liked his closing thoughts… find your voice and personality. It’s getting increasingly harder to write content that has never been written before. However, if we write from our perspectives in a style that is uniquely us we can definitely grow our audiences who resonate with us.

    Just last week I received and invitation to write for SEMRush so I’m pretty excited about that. It was exciting to see Adam mention them and I really look forward to being published on their platform.

    Again, great interview Nisha! Thanks for sharing Adam with us!!!!

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