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Is Your Internet Marketing Ecosystem Friendly?

It wouldn’t surprise me if there were 5,000 blog posts published every day that make generalized statements along the lines of :

  • Internet marketing campaigns have a lot of moving parts!
  • Details are important for Internet marketing success!
  • Internet marketing requires an understanding of the big picture!

The problem is, where to blog readers go to see each of these moving parts? Where do they go to learn what specific details need to be mastered? Where do they go to actually visualize the big picture?

We at Straight North, an seo chicago company created the Internet Marketing Lead Generation Ecosystem infographic to answer these questions. The infographic starts with traffic sources at the top, new customers at the bottom, and in between, shows all of the moving parts and connections necessary for a successful lead generation campaign.

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Internet marketers use this infographic to:

  • Identify missing elements in their campaigns.
  • Get a clearer understanding of how campaign elements fit together.
  • Discover new avenues to find traffic sources, generate leads and build website content.

Some companies, for instance, don’t see the connection between reporting and conversion optimization. If a company merely goes through the motions of perusing its website analytics report from time to time, it won’t learn how to improve the website to generate more leads, or even what website variables to test.

Another area where companies often go astray is with lead validation (third row from the bottom). Lead validation is the process of separating sales leads from other website inquiries like spam, personal phone calls and sales solicitations. Burdening the sales team with non-leads hurts its productivity and morale — a big problem that finally becomes visible with the Ecosystem infographic.