Instagram Now Allows Following Specific Accounts through Notifications

Instagram, the popular photo-sharing site has now made it possible for its users to track any accounts.

You will now be able to track all your favorite accounts without letting them know. This can be enabled by setting up push notifications so that you are notified whenever the account posts a new photo.

Instagram Update


It wouldn’t be wrong to claim that Instagram has timed this new notification feature close to the release of Apple Watch. The company has also provided instructions about how to activate the feature:

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  • Visit the account you want to follow
  • Click on the tiny ellipsis visible on the top right corner
  • Click on Turn on Post Notifications and enable it

This will activate all notifications from the user. Whenever he/she posts a photo, you will receive an alert.

According to critics, this feature could prove to be even better on the new Apple Watch. Instagram is already set to launch a new app for the Apple Watch.

It was to power this app that Instagram released this new feature. The underlying concept seems to be to allow users to set notifications for a select few accounts.

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This will ensure that your Watch will not buzz whenever anyone in your circle posts a new photo. You will receive an alert only when the activated accounts post images.

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