Layout App by Instagram

Instagram Launches Layout App for Better Photo Storytelling

Instagram has been the leading photo-sharing social site for years. The company has evolved with its features and taken the photo collages to the next level.

There is a new app for iPhone users, known as Instagram Layout, which will now allow you to merge several images within the same frame.

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It will take creativity in the photo-sharing domain to the next level. Pinterest is the nearest rival, yet it is in an entirely different category.

Layout App by Instagram

Once you open the app and allow it access to your images, it will bring your image library within your fingertips. You can browse through “all” the photos or through “faces.”

One of the most interesting features is that the app allows you to tap up to 9 photos and it will automatically organize the photos in different arrangements.

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The Layout app allows custom arrangements from the options tab given on the top. Choose from multiple shapes for arranging the photos in – multiple squares or rectangles.

There is no conjoining line between images, helping create more natural collages.

It will allow you to click-and-edit the picture formats, zoom and adjust the image sizes, or apply mirror or flip effects to get a preview before applying the changes.

Pictures can also be replaced or dragged around to test different perspectives. There is a Faces feature that brings up the images of people stored in the device.

The Photo Booth feature allows you to capture images during a time period and get them in a layout. The app will get the camera to capture 4 photos is quick succession.

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Now Instagram users will be able to tell their stories better, as grouping and arranging images has become easier.

The social site can expect an improvement in user interaction and activity, and probably an increase in user base too.

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