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Inspectlet is Miles Ahead of Any Web Analytics Tool out there

I have been using google analytics for our traffic monitoring and stat analysis purposes.

I always thought it to be the best and the most comprehensive web analytics tool.

After all it’s from google, and thing nothing could be better! But that was not until I came across Inspectlet.


Whatever Inspectlet’s website may say about its web traffic monitoring capabilities, I can say that it is simply an unbelievable tool.

I never imagined before that I could find anything like this.

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Why I will recommend Inspectlet to everyone?

I can sum up Inspectlet’s benefits in the following points:

  • It lets me capture videos of what my visitors are doing on my web pages.
  • I can see where they are finding it difficult.
  • It tells me about the features and contents which are grabbing their attention.
  • I can view all the movement of the mouse, the clicks they make, the scrolling and what they type in my site.

I think there’s nothing better. Even google analytics can’t do this!

So here are the top reasons why I will keep using Inspectlet and will recommend it to everyone!

The video style of viewing visitors

This is something unique and unheard of! This tool lets me record videos of all my visitors so that I could view it later.

This eliminates any guesswork from the game because I no longer have to guess how my visitors are using my site.

I could see everything from their mouse movement to where they click and where they spend more time.

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Improved Conversion Rate

I get all the info required for me to make adjustments and deliver the required information so that my conversion rate is improved.

This plugin gives clear information what many visitors are looking for. If they reach a stumbling block, I know what needs addressing.

If they spend more time on a specific page, I know where to invest more of my time and resources.

Eventually, all this helps me in improving my conversion and profits!

The filtering feature

Filter Feature

I have hundreds of thousands of visitors every month. I don’t want to watch every visitor’s actions on my site.

I don’t have the time or the energy to do so. So how do I get around this problem? Inspectlet has a unique filtering feature.

It helps me determine the visitors that I should be watching.

I could click on some filters so that I view videos of only the new visitors that came from a specific ad program and made purchases.

I could also set filters to see visitors who were good prospects but failed to make the purchase.

All this means I could make special efforts and modifications to ensure that I convert more of my prospects.

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The Conversion Funnels

Conversion Funnels

I think this is one of the best features of Inspectlet. I could set the pages that define the sales funnel for me.

Once done, I could easily view where and why my visitors dropped through this funnel.

If I could detect where my prospects are getting lost, I will know where I need to fix things – and that is exactly what I do.

Tagging users

Tagging users

This is the best thing that a web analytics pro can think of. Inspectlet has a special javascript tagging api that lets me tag any session or user.

This allows me to find users based on their ID or email addresses and record valuable events.

This info is nothing less than getting access to a goldmine.

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Heatmap Visualization

Heatmap Visualization

I think the developers behind Inspectlet have taken things too seriously when it comes to tracking user activity on sites.

The heatmap visualization feature reminds me of something from a sci-fi technology developed by the government for satellite monitoring.

But this intuitive feature lets me keep track of the aggregated activities of my visitors on all webpages.

I could get a lot of info from these heatmap pictures:

  • Where the visitors are looking
  • The area of the web pages they spend more time reading (based on mouse movement)

This is helpful because I know that it is the mouse where the user eyeball is usually focused on.

I can easily tell from these heatmaps if my visitors are looking more at the textual content, the images, the links or buttons.

This gives me the info what works and what doesn’t.

Scrolling Heatmaps

Scrolling Heatmaps

If that ‘tech’ wasn’t enough, I have another type of heatmap technology at my behest.

Inspectlet also displays a scroll heatmap that gives me info about how far my visitors are scrolling on my webpages.

How can this information be useful to me? It actually tells me the extent to which my visitors go on my pages.

I have used this information to position valuable content on my pages, and the response has been dramatic.

I use both these heatmaps to position my discount and purchase buttons in the optimal places.

These are the main features why I will recommend this plugin. But there’s more to Inspectlet than its unique offerings.

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Customer Support

I am not one of the best proponents of customer service when it comes to the world of plugins.

But the guys behind Inspectlet not only offer a great product, they also are good when it comes to meeting client demands and answering customer support queries.

Initially, I had some issues using this plugin because it had so many features and they seemed to be overwhelming.

But it took me several sessions with the support team to learn about the benefits of the different functions.

Eventually I realized that the features were easier to use than I thought. They were always supportive and explained all the features and benefits.


Inspectlet Plans

I don’t have to spend anything for using google analytics. But it doesn’t give me all the information like Inspectlet does.

But this powerful and innovative plugin is much more affordable compared to what it can actually do.

I started with the $39 per mo plan and am thinking of moving up.

It is more than reasonably priced and there is no other alternative that can beat it.

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If you think you are doing enough with google analytics, you are wrong.

There is this plugin called Inspectlet out there and it can do wonders by providing you recorded videos and much more in information about your webpages that can help you boost your conversion rates like anything.

There is no need to start with a paid plan. I started with a demo plan and I fell in love with it, and you can too!

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