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Improve your WordPress Security [Infographic]

WordPress is the most widely used open-source platform for CMS or any other custom solution. With an easy to use feature it includes all essentials, that defines it as a perfect blogging platform.

With the rise in popularity,some privacy risks for the website  are also there that should not be ignored in order to keep your WordPress site healthy it should be regularly monitored for all those security problems. Installing several security plugins will also prove to be helpful to protect your WordPress website .

WordPress security involves many issues like securing files, protecting databases, admin restriction and much more. It should be regularly analyzed, since there are number of security issues that may arise if some basic security precautions aren’t taken.

A good indicator of an insecure or hacked WordPress website is unusual user activity, such as auto-linking of keywords,Spam adds in header and footer,slow down of the website etc. These all activity are the signs that show your website is being hacked.

Being one of the most popular platforms, it became a regular target for hackers who are busy in trailing the ways to ruin the  potentials of the WordPress to misuse them .So,Proper management of your WordPress site is a very much important so as to maintain its safety and keep it secure.

Besides, there are many measures that can help  you to make your WordPress secure such as using strong passwords,by updating plugins and website regularly ,by protecting your WordPress admin area and much more .If you keep these tips in minds risk for the insecurity of your website would be reduced.

Now let’s take a look at the below infographic that will go through some common forms of major issues, and the tips and tricks for securing WordPress and optimizing your WordPress blog.

wordpress security