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Important Tips for MacBook Users on Adobe Flash Player



If you own a Mac, you want to optimize its uses – and one way to do this is through Adobe Flash Player. While Adobe Flash Player, which has been an iconic application for years, will no longer have updates and will lose its support in the near future, it still can be of use in various cases. Here are some helpful tips for you to boost MacBook functionality.

What is Adobe Flash Player?

Adobe Flash Player has been around for quite some time now and it’s one of the most widely-used plug-ins used by web browsers for reproducing web ads, interactive animations, and videos. Unfortunately, its position is now challenged by security concerns and alternative solutions, which claim to be much safer.

Even with such issues, this application is still very useful, especially on Mac computers. For instance, many websites won’t work without this app. You can only watch some live streams in Flash. In addition, many educational and gaming websites use Flash. Until such time as the HTML5 standards get implemented, you would have more than enough reason to keep using Adobe Flash Player.

How to update or enable Adobe Flash Player

If you want this app to work properly, you must update it. To do this, open the Spotlight app then typing Flash Player. This gives you an option named Flash Player.prefPane under the System Preferences. Click that option. Go to the tab named Updates and click the button that says, Check Now. If there are any updates available, you will receive a prompt.

You can also enable you Adobe Flash Player if it isn’t working by uninstalling it first. Then you can download and re-install in on your device. This assures you that you will get the most recent version. This also enables Adobe Flash Player across all of the installed applications and web browsers that use it. 

How do I add Adobe Flash Player to Safari and Google Chrome?

Safari and Google Chrome are the two most common web browsers for Mac and you can make the most of these by installing Adobe Flash Player on your computer. Here are the steps to do it:

Safari – You will find it very useful to install Flash Player to Safari and you can also optimize its functions for specific purposes. Before installing or enabling Flash Player on this browser, make sure that your Safari app is up to date. Launch Safari then choose Preferences. From there, you can choose the Websites tag then scroll to Plug-Ins. Search for Adobe Flash Player then click on it. After choosing this app, you can customize it according to your preferences.

Google Chrome – If Google Chrome is your main browser, this app will make it even more efficient and convenient. Fortunately, the steps to enable Flash on Chrome are very simple. Launch the Search Bar then input chrome://settings/content and hit the Enter key. 

This takes you to the settings where you will find Flash on the list. To enable it, choose On. Then you can either opt for Flash to ask permission before running on a web page or allow it to run automatically.

How do I recover files when Adobe Flash malfunctions?

There could be instances where your computer will get infected with malware from Adobe Flash Player. This might cause you to lose your important files. If you act swiftly, you can still recover those files. For this, you need to find data recovery software solutions so you don’t lose your files.

What to do to keep your Mac safe

Like any other extensions or applications, there is always some possibility where sensitivities will cause safety concerns. To prevent your Mac from getting infected with any sort of malware because of the Adobe Flash Player, you need to keep the app updated for the remaining support period. 

For instance, you can have Google Chrome as the app’s built-in version by default. If you use Google Chrome mainly on your computer, you will always have peace of mind that the version you’re using is completely legitimate.

If you use Adobe Flash Player on Safari, you must go to the settings to determine the version you’re running. If you want to know if you need an update, go to System Preferences on your Mac and search for the app. 

From there, choose the tab named, Updates then choose, Check Now. After performing these steps, you will avoid the threat of downloading a malicious copy of Adobe Flash Player that can potentially infect your Mac with unwanted bugs or viruses.


All computer users know that the Adobe Flash Player is the foundation of many things, ranging from graphics, audio, and a lot more. Despite its issues, it is still the most popular plug-in. Moreover, Adobe Flash Player is one of the best ways to give your Mac more functionality as it allows you to explore applications and view high-quality multimedia content easily.

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