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Important Features To Include In A Website For Better SEO



Last year the world of internet and online marketing saw significant changes and inclusions in website design, use of latest tools and software such as mobile-first update. However, till now there has not been any significant changes noticed but that does not take away the chances of any major changes coming up.

Whether you want to update your site or not it is better to know about these probable changes such as YMYL or EAT update and others that will change the future of search and SEO as well. This will keep you prepared for any situation and act accordingly to ensure that your site and business both have increased footfall.

Rank Brain grows in power

In 2018, Google released Rank Brain for automating ranking changes. Ever since its release it has been growing in popularity as well as power. Now the question is what exactly is Rank Brain?

The simple explanation of Rank Brain can be it is an Artificial Intelligence and machine learning algorithm of Google. The ultimate goal of Rank Brain is to comprehend what is happening in the tanks and websites and then make necessary changes in real time basis or close to search results.

A lot of examples can be given regarding how Rank Brain can use CTR or Click Through Rate easily and effectively and understand how it affects in the change rankings and better the SEO score of a Google user.

  • Rank Brain effectively moves one result above another if a keyword is searched for about hundred times in a day or if a specific result is clicked more than another definite result. In short, it gives the sites what it deserves and the people what they want.
  • As per the analytical reports of different SEO companies and SEO NYC Expert it is expected that throughout 2019 Google will use this data and its power more to make changes on ranking on the fly and at an even more rapid pace. This means you will not be able to survive the competition if you do not stay on top of the search marketing in real time.
  • Rank Brain also looks into other useful metrics such as time spent on a specific site, the bounce rate, and even potentially a conversion source that someone is trying to get through.
  • It is also anticipated by the experts that Rank Brain will look at the ecommerce websites very closely in order to determine whether or not a visitor is going from the search result and through different processes till they reach the checkout before placing their order and probable conversion.

In fact, this provides Google with all require metrics to use that will indicate how the websites serve up comparing it with what the customers are looking for. Therefore, it is important that you be very conscious about it if you really want to boost your conversion rate, have competitive pricing, free shipping and more importantly an awesome user experience all around.

The best way to boost your CTR is to use schema and rich and informative data as it is seen that 30% of all Google users are more likely to click on such results.

LSI keywords

It is also a new trend to use LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing keywords within content now. This will help you to meet with the requirements of Google and deliver quality content to the consumers. It is more important now to use the correct and more relevant words instead of keyword stuffing.

  • Latent Semantic Indexing helps you to look for such words that will fit in perfectly with your main topic making it more relevant and meaningful.
  • These are primarily the tools that will help with LSI graph and other requirements.

However, LSI keywords are not the be-all and end-all in SEO strategy but it is very helpful in writing quality content. Just make sure that you do not stuff your topic with a host of LSI keywords as that will make your existing copy less meaningful, boring and repetitive.

Voice search strengthens foothold

No matter how many times you may have heard about it but discussion on modern SEO trends are strategy is never complete without taking on voice search. This is the most interesting and notable change that you will notice in 2019 and there are already a plethora of such voice enabled search devices available on the market.

The popularity of this continues to grow and now more and more devices are utilizing it. Therefore, it is quite natural and prudent to expect and consider a few big things regarding voice search. These are:

  • Weirdness of search terms: Though 30% of Google searches are unique, these may not be the terms people use to find your products or services. There will be more use of key phrase that will expand the search greatly. There chief reason for this is most people use weird stuff. Introduction of Google recommendation for searches has reduced the variance in searches.
  • Ranking voice searches: It is not easy to rank voice searches. It is found that FAQ pages are the biggest driver of voice search results because users search in question form more often. Therefore, if you are an ecommerce or service business, it is elementary that you consider the main questions that your customers may ask about your company and accordingly begin to create content pages, articles and blog posts to answer such questions.
  • The effect: It is also important to know the ways voice search will matter in your specific industry as this new technology that varies greatly across different industries. Therefore, consider your audience and what they want. Since you know your business best, put yourself in their shoes to find whether you will use a voice search and if so how.

It is also important to improve the EAT Scores for better SEO. EAT stands for:

  • Expertise.
  • Authority.
  • Trustworthiness.

Also consider the links, brand mentions and video that are now a part of Google’s algorithm and can boost your revenue and SEO.

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