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Importance of Schema Markup for Local SEO – A Brief Guide



Schema markup can be described as the code which has been added to the website so that it gets, even more, search engine friendly. It helps the search engine spiders to track your important business details, like location, address, phone numbers, operating hours and many more. All these important details are required to be recognized by the search engine for two reasons. Firstly, it will find your business to be authentic or reliable, and thus some SEO benefits will be there by default for your web business. The second thing is that it will ensure search engines to highlight these details in the search page results so that users can find details without facing any issues.

Displaying NAP in HTML Format

This is an important thing to do so that search engines can crawl down NAP details published on your website easily. Before going to discuss in detail, we need to understand the common practices first. Commonly, website owners use to feature NAP by image format. Showing the details in image format has some drawbacks. Firstly, it would not be crawled by the search engine. As a result, the search engine spider would not get the details. Secondly, images may not load at times due to some technical issues. It could be a server problem, browser problem and internet problem. In all these cases, the problem will lead to issues with opening the image. As a result, web visitors would miss important information.

On a sharp contrast to the image-based NAP, using text NAP is always better. You need to add text in HTML format. The standard method of entering text has to be followed, though it is important to see that the text has not been marked as “no-follow.” Marking it as “no-follow” will result in not being crawled by the search engine spider. Even though it is crawled, the information will not be featured. Thus, this is an important thing for your website. You need to be careful about all aspects. You should work on your website contact us section, where NAP information or details should be entered carefully.

Adding Local Business Markup to Your Page

A schema can be defined as a set of codes or structured data. This is the simplest way of describing it, as there are many technical aspects which common computer users, as well as website owners, may not know. This article shall try to give more information on it. The understanding schema is important for every website owner these days. Setting up schema is as simple as plugging and tagging your website with Google’s structured data. You just need to enter your business URL, and that will start the process of tagging. To find the next steps of schema setup, you can follow the links below.

  1. The first step is to go to the Google Structured Data Markup Helper section. At this section, you shall get all the necessary information on setting up the schema.
  1. The next step is nothing but selecting the kinds of data that you shall use for marking up the process. You shall find several options to be listed with it. You can easily choose any option you want.
  1. Now, you need to copy the URL of the page which you want to markup. That copied URL should be pasted on the section as specified on the markup page. Once it is pasted, you need to click on “start tagging.”
  1. Now, you just need to highlight or select the elements that you want to markup.
  1. You have to continue adding the markup contents. Not every item of the page can be tagged. So, you should select the most important part that needs schema markup. Once this part has been done, move on to the next step.
  1. At the next step, you need to add schema markup to your web page. You need to copy the markup text, and that should be pasted on the website’s source code or original HTML page. Do not forget to save your edited document to see visible changes.
  1. Do you want to have a preview on how your page will look with schema markup? Well, you can easily get a preview with the Structured Data Testing Tool.

If your preview looks alright, you can close all the applications, as the schema markup setting has been done. If you are not satisfied with the preview, you can make further changes in highlighting the markup text. Thereafter, you need to follow the rest of the procedure. To know more in this matter, you need the guidance of experts from Great Lakes SEO & Digital Marketing.

Why is Schema Markup Important?

Schema markup is important for many reasons. Those reasons have been discussed in the following section of this article.

  • It helps you to highlight the most important things of your website on the Google search result. As a result, Google users can easily know about the details from the Google search result. It will eventually help you to attain better web visibility.
  • The high conversion rate is also guaranteed when you use schema markup text, as it helps to find the contact to your business with ease.
  • It helps to get certain SEO benefits, as search engine crawlers find your website to be more trustworthy when you highlight the NAP details through schema markup.

Apart from all these things, schema markup can be used for many other benefits. Understanding all these benefits is not simple unless you are poised with good knowledge and technical expertise. To understand the technical aspects and to get the schema markup tagging perfectly alright, you need to follow a few simple things.

So, if you have not done this to your website yet, you need to do that for better visibility of your important business data. It is essential to showcase contact information, map and other details that are related to your website. This is one of the most ignored SEO methods, and thus users have to be absolutely careful in this matter. To know more, you can check which is the official website for creating schema markup texts.

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