IBM Reveals Bluemix Findings from Three Companies

IBM launched the PaaS, Bluemix in collaboration with the micro-blogging site, Twitter in the last quarter of 2014. Bluemix is a Twitter analytics tool. The tech giant announced that the new service will allow businesses to analyze millions of tweets and connect the findings with data sources such as sales data and weather forecasts.

Such a service may already be in place as many vendors claim to be offering Twitter analytics services. How IBM has differentiated is by enabling the correlation of the results with other information sources. This could include public sources or firm-specific sources.

It is a pay as you go service, but provides free first access to data. According to IBM, more than a hundred firms have tested Bluemix.

In its latest announcement, the company unveiled information on how three of these firms have used the service. The info released is in aggregated form to prevent the identification of the firms.

Bluemix allows users to analyze the first 5 million tweets for free. Every next 1 million tweets will then cost a couple thousand dollars every month.

One of the telecommunications companies testing Bluemix reported that it detected relation between its service outage complaints and weather. The information used by IB included the weather reports and the data about the location of the tweets.

Another firm testing the service used it to measure how employee turnover impacted customer satisfaction. IBM is also working on collection of similar data in other markets.

This is probably because Twitter doesn’t have as much dominance in the East as it has in the U.S. and EU. One such service is QQ, and IBM has had a history of working with this company previously.

While other businesses look forward to acquire new tech start-ups, IBM seems to be following a more scientific approach with its new collaborations.