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How Video Can Help Build Your Brand

There is always going to be a place for SEO marketing with websites. But, if you are only doing that then you are missing out on a huge branding opportunity.

Video should be an integral part of your branding campaign as more and more people are using video as a search engine. Youtube and TikTok marketing are increasingly becoming platforms that people turn to for information. You should have a presence there if you plan to get your brand out there.

How can you use these tools effectively? In this article, we will go over several ways that video can help you build your brand and turn fans into customers.

Build a funnel 

If you imagine your marketing campaign like a funnel then you can easily understand how video and other channels work together to bring people in.

The top of the funnel is where people find your content and as they progress through your content, they go through different phases of their buying journey. In other words, you don’t start out by selling people on your product or service. You start out with helping people and build trust.

Video is at the top of the funnel as you will rely on getting lots of traffic by tapping into what people are searching for and creating content around that.

When you have a successful channel on TiTok or Youtube, then your brand becomes recognizable and people will pass through to the next phase of the funnel and eventually come out the other side as loyal customers.

Be helpful 

Your videos should be made with being helpful in mind. People will turn to you to help them solve their problems when your videos are done right. Whatever your product or service is, it should be to help people and that will ensure a successful campaign.

For instance, if your business is pest control, you don’t want to make commercials and post them on Youtube. You should focus on a problem that many people have with certain pests and make a video detailing what people can do about it. That’s what they will be searching for.

Then have a way for those people to go to the next phase of the funnel once they feel like you have helped them with their problem.

Be consistent 

To have a successful video campaign, you’ll need to have a very consistent branding. Your logo should be the same across all of your channels from your website to the video. Then, have your format be the same throughout all of your videos.

Try to use the same person in all of the videos to make sure that your videos are instantly recognizable and trustable.

Lastly, be consistent with your video schedule. Make sure you post videos on a regular basis to help the algorithm find and promote your videos.


The last thing to remember is that you don’t have to be different to stand out from your competition. You need to be better. Create better videos that are more helpful and your brand will gain trust from your audience.