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How to Utilize the Power of Social Media for Engaging With Your Followers



As social media’s influence and size has grown dramatically in recent years, it has become a powerful medium for engaging with your followers. What makes this ‘media’ different from other traditional media is that it enables two-way communication. The advantages of this platform cannot be fully realized. Never before brands have been able to find such an affordable and easy-to-use medium to communicate with their target audience. Email could be claimed to be one, but the kind of exposure and flexibility offered by social media is simply unmatched. So how do you make the most of the power of social media for engaging with your target audience? Wix provides complete set of tools to help you achieve your goals.

Advantages of Social Media Engagement

There are two ways in which social media helps you engage better with your followers:

  • Connect at the Human Level: When you choose a conventional media, you are able to have only one-way conversation. As a brand, it is you who is going to create the narrative. There is no communication from the followers’ end. But social media enables two-way conversation that helps connect your brand and your potential and existing customers. You can not only speak about your brand, you can also listen to you followers and learn about their needs.
  • Display Brand Personality: Another advantage of using social media is that it helps you show your brand’s personality. People experience a human touch when they interact with your brand. This is again something different from the kind of experience they have with traditional forms of marketing. Sharing images and videos can make it easier for you to showcase your personality.

Boost Follower Engagement Levels

Wix offers a series of tools to engage better with your followers and increase your conversion rates. This is a platform that goes beyond allowing you to build a website. It offers all the tools required for succeeding with your business. Explore the different apps that can be used for making the most of the social media revolution.

Wix Forum

wix forum

Wix Forum is a unique app from Wix designed for developing your online community within your website.  Allow your visitors to sign-up for membership and become part of your site’s social media community. Let them follow posts and participate in conversations. They can not only make comments in posts and become active participants, you can also allow them to add videos. Thus, you are able to create a rich community with high engagement levels.

Create an elegant forum that matches your website templates, colors and branding scheme. Choose from a wide range of professionally designed and elegant layouts. Each layout can be customized to achieve the desired looks and design features. It is easy to use and is available for free.

In addition, your forum members are also going to find the forum’s design to be easy-to-use. You can also allow your members to participate in the forum over their mobile devices.

Social Stream

social stream

As the name suggests, this app is also designed to boost social media engagement with your followers. It allows you to improve the time your visitors spend on your site and the conversion rates. This app also helps in boosting your follower count.

Some of the main features of this app are as follows:

  • It will automatically generate a newsfeed containing up-to-date content from your social media channels. So whenever you post content on your Facebook, twitter, Instagram, or other social profiles, it will be displayed on this unified platform.
  • The design can be customized based on your requirements and branding specifications.
  • Show articles, photos, and videos to boost social media engagement
  • This app also allows your members to view and interact on their smart devices and tablets
  • It also supports multi-language text

You can control how frequently the content gets updated. The app also provides moderation features so that you are always on top of the content that your followers see.

Impressive Welcome Bar

welcome bar

How you welcome your visitors plays an important role in engagement and conversion rates. The Impressive Welcome Bar app allows you to address this aspect of user engagement. You can create a message of your choice to welcome visitors to your site. You can customize the message based on the latest seasonal campaigns you may be running. At the same time, you can also introduce new product launches or feature launches on your website.

Welcome your visitors and tell them about your latest discount offer. Introduce your new blog or drive them to a particular webpage. This app also allows you to collect emails from visitors, allows them to share your pages in their social network with a click, and also allows you to control the frequency and time when the message should appear to a visitor.

These are just few of the tools provided by Wix for boosting your social media engagement levels and improving your conversion rates. When creating your social media content strategy, make sure that your posts should add value while also building your brand image. It shouldn’t always be about promoting your products or services. It should also be about helping out people and offering something of value.

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