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How to uninstall Apps on Mac



Applications that you do not see in Mac OS X (they are not visible in the Applications folder). Let’s imagine this situation, you installed the browser on your computer. Each browser has a set of extensions that allow you to view graphic elements, video materials and text formats. Just, such an element is the Flash Plug-in for Mac OS X. After all, if you install this extension to work with the browser, it does not appear in the application folder.

You’ve already been using your new Mac for a short time and the time has come when you want to uninstall one of the programs, tools or applications that you have in the system and you do not know how to do it so that it is completely eliminated. In this case, we have to notice that the removal of applications or programs in macOS is really simple and you do not have to think too much or complicate your life at all.

As the installation of these applications is a very easy task, fast and clean, when we have to do without them the ease and speed are equal. Ultimately, we do not need third-party applications for the elimination of programs, there is no need to think that there may be remnants of deleted applications since the operating system is responsible for removing these remainsbut if and still, we want to use specific applications to delete applications we can also do it.

Remove apps without third-party apps

As we announced at the beginning of this article, there are third-party applications to be able to remove the apps but the first step is to see that these applications are not really needed since we can remove them directly by simply dragging them to the trash or selecting the application we want to remove from the launchpad.

This is for me the best option and to carry it out we simply have to enter the Launchpad> Keep pressed on some application (as in iOS) and we will appear the “trembling X” to click on it and eliminate it.

The option to delete the application does not appear

It is possible that some tools or applications that we have in the Launchpad – especially those that do not come directly from the Mac App Store – downloaded directly from the developer’s website do not show that “trembling X”in the upper right corner or do not allow them to be eliminated “Drag directly to the bin”.

In this case, we have to leave the Launchpad and simply look for the icon of the application directly from our Finder. This can be done directly from the Finder window or directly by accessing the Applications folder and then it is as simple as dragging it to the recycle bin and it will be automatically deleted from the Mac and Launchpad.

Personally, I can say that this method is the one I have been using for a long time to remove applications on my Mac, but we can use applications that we find in the Mac App Store and outside of it to perform the removal. This is something very personal of each user and in any case, the interesting thing of this is that if in each new jump of operating system like the one that will now come from macOS Sierra to macOS High Sierra we perform a clean installation of the system, using third-party applications has benefit If on the other hand we never install our OS from scratch it is possible that some of the applications that we will see next are a better option, but this is not 100% demonstrable either.


This is one of the applications we have seen numerous times on Mac. Of course, the best thing about this application is that it allows us to perform a more thorough cleaning on our Mac, beyond simply removing applications or installed tools. The application is paid and is not cheap precisely because it has a price of 31.96 euros.

But now let’s see how we directly remove the applications with CleanMyMac 3, which is the version that can be found directly on the MacPaw developer’s website. This application is not available in the Mac App Store for some time, but the developer is completely trustworthy.

Uninstallappsonmac is the one that we propose

The last of the applications that we want to share with all of you is also a veteran application in the functions of erasing apps and that is outside the official Apple application store. In this case, Uninstallappsonmac offers us an interface very similar to the previous application and a system to eliminate applications practically the same. This application is one of the most used personally and performs its function just as well as the other applications we have seen in this article.

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