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How to Target the Right Social Media Audience for your Brand?



One of the most important ways to win at business is to know your target audience. Many businesses fail at first as they cannot understand the basics of fostering a clean and organic relationship with their customers/consumers/target audience. It is important to understand your market and your target audience’s desire and interest to help tailor your product the way they like it and is sale-worthy. Analysing your audience’s online behavioural pattern is a need of the hour and you can do so by implementing the tips that are mentioned in this post. Here are 4 tips that can guide you through the process of understanding your target audience within no time and help you yield better results with your product strategy.

Finding and connecting with your target audience:

Knowing where your audience is most active and connecting with them is a big win for any brand. Each business and niche industry has its set audience engaging on social spaces available online. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest offer the best insight into letting you know who fits the bill to be the right audience for you.

Make use of Social Media Ads. You can upload your already listed valued customers as a database online and look for lookalike audience that may be interested in your service. Make sure you add a filter while looking for the same. Your lookalike audience may nestle in any part of the world and you may not be offering service worldwide. Hence, you can add a filter to the search by listing out areas that your product/services cover.

Once you have the audience database with you, try to understand their online behaviour. Look out for their browsing activities. Social Media Analytics tool helps you to understand what your audience takes most interest in on your brand’s page. Use the right tools to understand what post yields the maximum organic reach and engagement.

Analyse the competition:

Now that you know who your audience is, try to understand the online behaviour of your competitor and their audience. Look at what kind of content do they post and how do they engage with their audience. You already know who your competition is, but learning more about their marketing habits and strategies can benefits you in many ways. Their marketing habits will teach you where the gap lies in the market and how you can fill it up.

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Why Is Social Media Important to Your Online Business?

Do an extensive research on your competition’s online presence. Their services, products, marketing gimmicks and efforts are to be taken into consideration for the same. Keyword research is also a vital space to dabble in. Know what keywords belong to the industry you work in and who is ranking for these keywords. Up your SEO game to rank higher by using keywords that deem fit for your industry.

Your research can teach you about your competitor’s future strategies on how they are doing it differently and how you can do it in otherwise and with  better structured strategies.

Online and Email Surveys:

Once you have a database you can cater your service to, make sure you engage them at least once or twice a week. Sending frequent emails and newsletters with updates about your products and services and what’s going on with your brand helps your audience to better connect with you. Make use of email databases to understand your audience with the help of online and email surveys. Make use of email campaigns to survey your existing client database. Surveys can work wonders if you are clear about what you are seeking from each question. Learn how to keep your questions objective and short with multiple choice answers.

Social Media Polls:

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn are few of the most effective social media platforms that can help you yield great results using surveys and polls. Here’s where Social Media Polls come to play. It is considered as one of the most used and popular among users technique to learn more about your customers and find out what they like. Social Media websites play an important role in delivering you information on what your audience likes to engage in, what do they say about a certain product/service and in turn let you tailor your products and services as per their needs. Polls are equipped with tools that can analyse and offer you information about your audience’s age group, profession, location and other such needed demographics.

Remember, targeting is an on-going process and takes time to get you the desired results. It is always advised to make sure you’re update with your audience’s demographics at all times to know if it has changed over a period of time. You can simply do so by re-evaluating your audience’s online behaviour through the many analytic tools available on the internet. Re-evaluate your audience regularly in order to stay up-to-date with your connections and better your social engagement.

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