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How to Start a Hosting Business with Reseller Hosting



Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is the way to go when you want to offer hosting services without starting a hosting company of your own. It’s a viable business idea when looking to build an income online in collaboration with an established host. While this is the case, your choice of the reseller hosting provider hugely impacts the overall success of the venture. After all, you’re building the foundation of your business on the company’s infrastructure, and this means it needs to be firm to stand the test of time.

In today’s post, we share five effective ways to start the hosting business as a reseller for an excellent takeoff.

Pick the Right Parent Hosting Company

The term “right” is subjective here and totally dependent on your actual business needs. How many customers are you targeting to sell/rent the hosting space to? What are their hosting needs and is the parent company capable of delivering?

The right company needs to have various features and attributes that are a perfect fit for your customers for assured value addition. In addition, it also needs to have a reputation that easily sells its services for eventual growth of your business.

Of course, the pricing and discounts on the bulk server resources will determine your profit margins. Looking for an affordable and reliable parent hosting provider for your reseller business? This guide by Hosting Foundry is a good place to start your search.

Design Appropriate Hosting Plans

At the core of a successful reseller hosting business are relevant and feasible plans. This entails designing packages that best suit your target clients without offsetting their budgets. Put otherwise, you will want to create plans that offer a good balance between value and cost.

A good approach is trying to fit yourself in the shoes of your potential client and imagining the plans which would attract and suit you at the same time. If possible, be ahead of your competitors by providing deals which customers can barely get anywhere else.

For example, in addition to web hosting, you can offer site creation services and SEO management as a bonus to the package. Of course while at it, adjust the prices accordingly to be realistic and remain on top of your game.

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Treat Reseller Hosting as a Business

Reseller hosting is a proven business idea that thousands around the world are reaping great profits from. However, like any other business, you have put in a lot of work and be strategic to achieve success doing it.

To start, it’s important that you try studying your target market, familiarize with it, and take good care of the few clients you get at first to help you put the word of your existence out there.

While at it, ensure that your client web data is secure at all times and that you’re able to resolve issues raised by your clients. This is key in enhancing your business reputation and its overall growth.

Leverage Your Unique Expertise

Every web host has an area that it is best known for in the market including scalability, speed, or marketing tools. To start a successful reseller hosting business, your expertise must be in line with that particular provider’s reputation. For example, if you’re a WordPress expert you stand a better chance working with web hosts that offer managed WP hosting. With this, you can easily configure the customer operating environment, troubleshoot glitches, and offer extra features that help to distinguish your business from others.

A few modern features you should consider adding to your packages include control panel options, inbuilt site builder, and analytics software. The end goal is to ensure that you’re displaying a strong brand identity that customers can consider for a long investment.

Support Services Are Key

Let’s face it, very few people have the patience to stick with web hosting companies that consistently delay or have issues fixing basic problems.

The ability (or inability) to offer helpful and prompt customer service speaks miles about your commitment to the people you serve. Indeed, this can be your make or break as far as your reseller business is concerned. Great support services will encourage your customers to leave positive reviews and refer others to you which is a key part in boosting your reputation as a reseller and the overall growth of your business.

To ensure you’re offering quick responses and solutions to your customers, consider setting up effective communication channels as follows:

  • Put in place reminder services to regularly notify you of any unresolved queries
  • Set up a live chat window in your reseller hosting platform for interactive communication with clients
  • Create a rich FAQ page with effective solutions to common problems

What challenges are you facing while trying to start a reseller hosting business? Feel free to share with us in the comments below!

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