How to promote content

How to promote every piece of content

The Internet business has evolved quite a lot since its beginning in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. But, in the present days this is no longer the case.

In today’s challenging SEO environment, the competition which an online marketer faces is not just internal but external as well.

He/she has to compete with online marketers not only from the same domain, but has to compete with others from various platforms offering diverse content.

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Not only are there solo-entrepreneurs and one-man businesses but there are also big organizations having vast quantities of capital and human resources.

How to promote content

So, how to remain ahead in the competition? Well, you first need to read our post thoroughly and then try to devise the new and unique ways to reach out your target audience.

Listed below are a few key steps to traction for each bit of content that you construct.

Promoting Your Content is Important

Derek Halpern has devised a specific content strategy which says that there is an 80/20 rule of content marketing. It means that one should spend 20% of their time in creating the content and remaining 80% in marketing the content.

While, it is considered by many as an effective content strategy, most content marketing experts feel that sticking to such a strategy means that the targeted audience is not properly served.

What is most important for any content marketer is their core audience which is their return readers.

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According to Mark W. Schaefer, returning readers is a relevant business metric for online content marketers and includes podcasts, videos, blogs and Pinterest pages.

He has argued that while spending four-times more time on content promotion than value creation may lead to traffic hike but will not generate reader loyalty.

The next question that comes to one’s mind is how to grow the audience base while focusing on giving huge value to your existing followers?

This is the answer: Create an automated content marketing strategy along with a checklist.

We have tried to devise such a strategy which is explained in brief.

Listed below are some steps that need to be followed in order to effectively promote your content.

  1. Send to your emailing list –

One of the most efficient methods to make instant traction with one’s content is to send it to the emailing list. Your typical email list should comprise of those people that have subscribed for your content and have agreed to receive updates from your blog and also trust your brand.

Such people are usually those loyal followers who tend to add to your social network shares, read your content as soon as it is published and forward it to others who can benefit out of it.

It is to be noted that the email subscribers are the most probably engaged audience, thus it is very important to add them and share content quite regularly.

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This sharing of content depends on certain factors such as the functioning of your business, how is the relationship with your readers and what really your subscribers expect from your content.

For example, some of the subscribers prefer to receive a newsletter, on a monthly or weekly basis that has links to the posts published in that specific period. You can do a mix and match with some or all of the given methods and apply the one which works best.

  1. Put it on social media for a period of weeks

Most of the business owners really like to use a social media editorial calendar, especially those running small scale businesses without much assistance.

One of the most effective ways to get your content to rank high is to promote it over some specific period of time with the help of tools such as Buffer.

Using tools such as these helps your posts to be promoted on popular social networks such as Facebook and Twitter as soon as they are published and again on the next day, again in the next week and so on.

Perform this very helpful tactic repeatedly on all available social media platforms and it will surely help your content marketing.

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  1. Email all the people that have mention in your post

A wonderful way of not only connecting with your target audience, but also with other known people in this industry and their audience is to make a mention of them in your blogposts.

Once you have made their mention, it is a good idea to let them know what you’ve done, so that they can share this information with their friends and colleagues.

We’ve personally tried this and experienced a 68% success rate.

  1. Syndicate your content

A very effective way to promote your content online and form a strong partnership with larger media companies is to syndicate with them and create content-sharing prospects.

While you spend your valuable time in creating the organizations and syndicates, make some for joining social media networks such as LinkedIn and Medium.

They can offer you nice syndication opportunities and help you to reach out to many more audiences.

However, having said this we do not recommend that you must syndicate each and every post. You can select a few of the best ones which resonate for your targeted audiences.

This is a unique and great way to appeal to those readers of your interest. Also, please don’t syndicate a new content too soon.

Rather, let the content go online on some website, and attract readers’ attention, then go after to syndicate it with your partners.

We also recommend keeping your syndicated posts distinctive. Content sharing should be done quite strategically and judiciously and sending of the same posts should be avoided.

A unique and fresh content should be received by your target audiences each time.

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  1. Make quick and nice graphics to share on social networks

A research has revealed recently that Facebook posts with images tend to create 53% more likes than those without images.

This method is a useful one when you would like to create traction on the photo-oriented social media platforms even if you do not have a significant presence on it.

For example, when I posted a picture that I saw on theinternationalfreelancer with my Pinterest community (without having a big presence on it), a real buzz was created amongst them since it was of resonance to them. It wouldn’t have been such popular amongst the audiences whom I didn’t know, if not for Pinterest.


Content Marketing is one of those arts which require numerous factors to unite to make each and every piece of content seem worthy. Content turns out to be futile when the content marketing is ineffective and lacks decent promotion tactics.

Your press releases, blog posts and other content in websites must make use of an online marketing promotion that can leverage for the content effectively. So, it is very necessary to learn a few content marketing tactics to promote your website and eventually capture good sales leads.

Furthermore, the content marketing skills which you possess act as the measure in deciding the amount of traffic that your website gets.

We are confident that the abovementioned tactics will be of use to you for your content marketing and website promotion endeavors.

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