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How to Monetize Your Dating Blog



To turn the audience of your blog and reader traffic into a source of revenue, you can use the tools that have long proven themselves. After you choose a niche that interests readers, work on the design of your blog, fill it with interesting information (for example, problems in relationships, signs she’s cheating on you, and so on), and get active followers, then it’s time to move on to monetization. To activate readers, you can use different services. For example, SetQuest allows bloggers to place the code on a discount for readers or to open access to additional content. You can combine different methods of monetization, but in this case, you need to compromise each time so as not to shock users with too much advertising and not allow the quality of content and user traffic to reduce.

  • Referral links

This is a good way to passively earn money: money will always flow as long as users click on links, but it requires large active followers from a blogger. For example, Amazon’s affiliate links program allows people to earn up to 10% of the sales of recommended products. In this case, an author posts in his blog links to products and services of other companies and receives a percentage of the profits from each sale made after following a link. In some cases, you can earn even if a blog reader simply follows the link and doesn’t buy goods – the conditions depend on each particular site. In order not to scare off subscribers, it is important to share with them only high-quality products that correspond to the subject and philosophy of a blog.

  • Premium content

Bloggers often write about things that are very well understood. So, readers can perceive them as experts in narrow niches. Gradually, along with free content, you can publish high-quality paid materials in your dating blog. On the Patreon site, people can discuss the latest release of a blog with anyone for an additional fee or read it earlier than everyone else will see it. Subsequently, from premium content, you can compile a collection of illustrations, photographs or an e-book. All this can become a source of constant profit.

  • Donations

This method is similar to the previous one, it can be used on a variety of platforms, for example, in WordPress. There is a specially designed for this plug-in Give. A vivid example is the popular science blog “Wait But Why” doesn’t advertise at all and works solely at the expense of the support of readers who can donate money through Patreon or PayPal or subscribe. The main disadvantage is that most often this is an unreliable and inconsistent source of income, which can irritate users and is not compatible with other methods of monetization.

  • Mentoring and counseling

Since readers often see bloggers of experts who are proficient in a particular topic, they may be happy to receive individual consultations from them on an hourly basis. Each time you can earn more as the author’s skill and level of expertise will grow. After that, reputation will be strengthened and traffic will increase. The most difficult thing here is to find the first clients and hold the first consultations. You can ask subscribers to leave feedback.

  • Advertising and sponsorship

This method works always because advertisers are constantly in search of new advertising platforms. The main advantage of this method is that you can use the same sample for a banner and change advertisers. This is a better way than affiliate links, but advertising should match the specifics of a blog. Another way to cooperate with advertisers is to post “sponsored” posts in a blog when partners pay an author for a review of their product.

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